My Wife and Her Lover


My Wife and Her Lover - Hi,

This is my first submission to your blog and I enjoy it very much.

My wife Karen and I have established a very satisfactory situation. She is a very pretty woman, and around 10 years younger than me. After exploring the swinging scene a bit (NOT very much fun), we agreed that it would be more fun for both of us if she took a lover - she understood the pleasure I gained from imagining her with other men. Eventually she found a very attractive guy, Keith (see pic), through her work contacts, and they have been an "item" for several months now.

Keith is a powerful male, very sexual, rich, handsome, clean cut. Karen freely admits that he does it for her in a way that has never happened before. A guy's penis has always been very important to her in successfully relating in bed. She needs it to be special to really get off on a guy. My penis is ok, but unfortunately nothing special by any stretch of the imagination. Keith is not huge, either, but he is extremely thick and solid, with a very big head. Karen simply worships it.

Karen is very strongly emotionally involved with Keith. She can't really have a satisfying sexual relationship without that emotional involvement. I understand and appreciate this. She is not a slut - she never liked swinging. It is very important to her that the guy mean something to her. You can see it in the picture, how she wants him and lusts after him in many ways. It was taken by me in one of the rare times I got to watch.

She doesn't want to leave me - we have a good, stable, marriage - but she would like to be more formally "owned" by Keith. I guess she would really like to have him as a second husband, if that were possible. Keith has given her a lovely little ring that we have agreed she can wear in place of her wedding ring for the duration of her affair with Keith.

This small symbolic act makes her feel much better about her steamy sex sessions with him. She is an unashamedly feminine woman: she needs to be taken and possessed by her man. She likes to go to Keith's house in the evening and stay to be used by him all night, and then come home to me in the morning. I love to see her after those nights, tired, sore, but very happy and completely sexually satisfied. - Jerome


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