Wife's College Friend Takes Her Doggie Style

Doggie Style

Wife's College Friend Takes Her Doggie Style - I had never thought about a man fucking my wife till I read a story in penthouse forum. I was at work and got so worked up from it that I went to the bathroom immediately and jacked off. That was how the cuckold bug got me. After that almost everytime I made love to my wife, I told her of my fantasy to have a black man fuck her.

I then asked if she ever had a black man, and she told me of a guy from college that she had done it with. It was so exciting knowing that she had indeed been with one that in my stories and bedroom talk I inserted him. I was actually able to track him down since he lived in our area and asked that she call him to see 'how he is now'? They spoke for about 45 minutes laughing and reminiscing. We then started going out to bars with him and invited him over for dinner every once in awhile.

I always picked out her outfits so she always looked hot and sluty. One night I told her to kiss him goodbye, she gave him a peck, and I said ah come on honey give him a real kiss. They kissed for seveal seconds and I was hard as a rock. That night I again told her the fantasy I had of seeing them actually screw. Finally one night, she was pretty drunk and asked me if I was 'really' sure. I said yes! So we drove home together, I had my wife sit on his lap on the way home and they made out and he played with her pussy (no underwear).

We got inside and hurried upstairs to the bedroom. Watching them make out was so hot, I decided to help and start striping my wife and telling her to undo his pants. I told her I wanted to see her suck his cock, so as she pulled down his pants she started sucking him. God I almost blew my wad right there watching that black cock sliding in out of her lips.

He then picked her up and laid her on the bed and started to fuck her brains out. He then made her get into the doggy position. I almost forgot to take pics I was so excited. I did take one of them in that position and then one more when they were done. I have attatched the former. Then I put the camera down and I climbed underneath to get a better view. Wow better than what my imagination could conjure up! She came and then he started cumming and I could see his cum when he pulled out.

Before slamming it in again, cum dripped down on me and I put it in my mouth. When he pulled out I flipped her over and slid my cock right in ... ahh feeling his cum in her with all that space was too much and I exploded almost immediately. Best night ever! - Cal


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