Young Cuckold Couple

Young Cuckold Couple

Young Cuckold Couple - Hi, We are a young couple looking to fulfill a fantasy. My wife is a very attractive woman who has long legs, big breasts and a sexy butt. She turns a lot of heads when we go out. We have been together since high school and we were each other's first and only lovers.

We have been married for 4 years and over the past year or so we have played with the idea of inviting a black man to have sex with my wife while I watch. This all began innocently with my wife dancing with black men when we went out (I do not dance and told her to enjoy herself).

I noticed that every time we went out she would dance with black men only. When I asked her about this she said that she found them to be more attractive than the others guys on the dance floor. This just sent my mind racing and I found myself more turned on than ever before! Eventually this turned into some role playing and lots of dirty talk in bed room. Now we are at the point were the talk and bedroom games are not enough and we want the real thing!

The problem is that we're both a bit shy and neither of us knows exactly how to invite a stranger into our bed. My former college roommate who my wife knows and we both consider to a friend is a good looking black man and he is very endowed, I have seen him nude many times being his roommate. He lives out of town but every few months he travels here for work and usually stays at our house. My wife and I both agree he would be a perfect choice. We are thinking of asking him soon.

Whenever we bring the subject up of 'how' to do so, we end up in bed frantically having sex imagining it being so close to actually happening. I have a picture to submit of my wife Lea and it is an actual shot of her cumming while I'm pumping her but me telling her to imagine a big black cock inside her. I blew my load just watching her explode! When it does happen I'll ask if the he doesn't mind pictures and if it's ok I'll send them over to you. - Tim & Lea


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