Cuckold Wife

Cuckold Wife

Cuckold Wife - We have been married for over 10 years. I know my wife has been unfaithful on several occasions. I can make a good guess as to who 3 or 4 of her lovers have been. The problem is she simply denies it. I would love to know who, when, where, what it was like on so on. I frequently fantasize about her affairs and it really turns me on.

How can I persuade her to tell me all and even maybe let me watch her next time? Please help a frustrated cuckold!!! (**Responses can be posted in forum.)

I mean there is even alot much evidence that my wife had an affair with her boss including having sex in our bed but she denies anything has ever happened (even though they acutally went out on a date -dinner & movie but she claims it was for work). Although I had/have confessed how much this sort of thing turns me on she denies it and I believed her till another woman told me that she really doubted my wife would ever admit to it but I was kind of dense to think she didn't sleep with him when I told her all the clues.

Also, I found out that my wife went out with the girls one night to a strip show {for the ladies}. I was insane with curiousity, and bugged her for weeks to tell me about it. Finally, she began to admit little bits out, {which was a turn on in itself} little by little, until she admitted that the girls at the table, including her, licked whipped cream off the cocks of the strippers!

Now I know the ladies that she went with, and I bugged her to admit it if they all did it too. They did! As you might guess, I was in bed with her while we talked, and I couldn't help but pop a nut. There's much more these naughty ladies did that night, but won't go on except to say that it has become the center of my sex life. Just so you know what she looks like I have sent a picture of her. This is the best I could do as she'd kill me if she found a picture of her nude with her face showing online. This at least gives you an idea of what she looks like and how sexy she can be. - Dortman

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