My Girlfriend Almost Had Sex with Another Guy


My Girlfriend Almost Had Sex with Another Guy - My girlfriend is a fine looking blonde, 26 years old. We've been together for about 4 years now. I've been open about my fantasies from the start. Then she thought I wanted her to be unfaithful just so I could be it myself... but the last year or so she started to understand I was being serious about it... Her sexual record is quite thin since she had a really long relationship before me. And this makes it even more arousing for me... She has a super body & I enjoy watching other men watch her...

But she's not the kind of girl who sleeps around. There's been one guy so far... they've never fucked but... slept in the same bed three times after parties... he were touching her ass, she was kind of shy about it so she told me she pretended to sleep... cute! I asked her if she liked it & she smiled and said of course... I was encouraging her to have some contact with this guy & the last time they were out partying they slept at a friends house, sharing a bed & they kissed & he felt her ass & breasts, but she didn't want to go all the way... Then at a party after that I was there too and with them and we all crashed in the same room. We had gotten my wife naked and I was showing her off to him knowing that he'd seen her before but he didn't know I knew. That was hot and this picture you see is of my wife and my finger touching her in the same way I showed her off to him. But, nothing happened that night either. Now he has a girlfriend and so it is not on anymore.

More interesting a new guy has entered the scene and she really likes his looks... He's ok and is really good looking... Anyway the only thing that has happened is that he spent one night beside her in our bed... nothing happened but we started to talk about this and I said it was ok for her to fuck him... So now I figured I'd try some dirty talk where I tell stories where him & her fuck and she really seems to enjoy it... Once I also told her to pretend I was him & she came very fast (me too...), now I know that lately she's been thinking about him when masturbating & confessed to a girlfriend of hers that she's interested in this guy...

I'll be away most of June & I've been wishing for some action and she seems very into it as well... She asked me the other day if I really mean it... That's a good sign... I bought her some condoms and now she keeps them next to her bed... also a good sign! I'm gonna buy her a brazilian wax right before I leave, and she told me yesterday that she found some really sexy panties that she would like to have... I'm GOING to buy those. Also she told me that she'd bought a jasmin herb bag that she keeps in her drawer with undies to make them smell irresistable... I really hope that it's going to happen this time! - Jake


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