Backseat Sex

Backseat Sex

Backseat Sex - My wife and I were at a BBQ one afternoon and a good friend of ours was having relationship problems and was arguing with his girlfriend on his cell while he was in his car. It was really getting him down and so after an hour, my wife went over to talk to him.

The property was pretty big so they were away from everyone else at the BBQ. It was quiet out but I was still able to catch a glimpse of them as she was stand next to him, while he's in the back seat. Then she looked around and went inside the backseat with him! I'd never would have suspected her to do anything like this. I noticed that she would look around alot and his head was back on the ledge. I went into the house we were at and looked though a dining room window looking down on the side of his car.

I couldn't believe my eyes! My wife was stroking him with his pants open and his cock standing straight up. She continued to look around. His eyes were closed. That's when I decided to get a picture with my cell as evidence if ever I accuse her. I was mad and yet wanted to watch so much. I snuck around outside to the back of his car and waited until I was sure they wouldn't see me. My heart was racing at 200 bps! I got one picture (see attatched) that wasn't great but it was enough.

But then instead of leaving I stayed to watch a bit more. After about 2 mins, she would bend over and lick the head of his dick a couple of times. Then the lick turned into a little sucking. After about a minute of this, he shot his load all over her hand (and back of the driver's seat). She then walked away licking her hand. She never mentioned this to me (it's been 2 years) and he never acted any differently towards me.

I kept saying to myself that I'd confront her but I enjoy the fantasies I have re-living that moment in my head every night. I'm afraid if I expose it then it will ruin my fun and thrill. He has since moved. But you always gotta wonder was there anything else between them. - Jeffrey

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