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Hot Wife

Hot Wife - We've been married 10 years and I've spent the last few months gently asking my wife to take another man, she was very reluctant at first but eventualy agreed, just for me. We eventaully agreed on this young workman she liked, who is always hitting on her and has agreed to go out on a date with him tonight. He's been asking for ages even though he knows she's married. Im the only man shes had sex with.

She's just driven off to meet him at designated spot, at the front of a local some bar. I am writing this down now to keep myself occupied and will write the rest when she gets in. Before she left she was asking if I really wanted to back out and I said no, I told her I wanted her to go ahead and 'enjoy' herself.

I'm a complete mess of emotions at the moment. I'm excited as hell but sick to the stomach. Im so jealous with a raging hard-on. Just knowing she'll be kissing another man and probably have his cock inside her soon is torment, sweet and bitter. Did anyone else feel like this waiting for his wife to come home after the first time?

She came back after several nervous hours by which time I felt almost sick. He took her to the bar and they chatted. Eventually when they left they and kissed outside. When she told me this I melted inside.

They moved over by the cars in where it was more dark and continued to kiss. Tongues. He felt her ass and got his hand inside her blouse to feel tits. She could feel his erection through his trousers against her stomach and wanted it. He tried to get her to go back to his but she felt uncomfortable and nervous.

She said she had to leave, and he asked for another date. She agreed to this and left. I felt so relieved when she told me this but also so disappointed. She was so close to fullfilling my fantasy.

We did it there and then in the hall and livinig room, She was wet and randy like hell. She admitted she was so worried I might be upset she didn't go through with it.

It's now down to me. I know a little bit more encouragement and she'd go all the way. Can I handle the jealousy? This a real emotional rollercoaster. Here is a pic of her and hoprfully next time I'lll write in with her completing the fantasy. - K&G

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