Ukranian Wife

Ukranian Wife

Ukranian Wife - Over a year ago I met a very beautiful 18 year old girl from the Ukraine on the internet called Natalia. To cut a long story short, we fell in love and over the next several months I planned to go visit her in the summer. She had this very sexy attitude way beyond her years. You could describe it as "slutty". She insisted on wearing high heels and short skirts even during the day. And she got a lot of attention from local boys because of that.

Since I'm naturally inclined to the cuckold lifestyle sometimes I would joke that if things didn't work out she could find some stud to please her instead. And she was very receptive to this idea!

When I did finally go to meet Natalia this summer things didn't go according to plan at all. It seems that we hit it off much better online than we did in person. And for whatever reason, she wasn't attracted to me in person at all (though she did know what I looked like from pics). I have to say that I was really disappointed... for about a week I was miserable, made worse by the fact that she didn't seem too sorry about it!

On the second weekend I was there I found out exactly where I stood. Before going there I had rented out an apartment for that weekend so we could be away from her parents, so we could have some fun without having to be quiet. And although things weren't working out between us we decided to use it anyway as it would have been a waste of money. It was always our intention to hit the bars and clubs, which we did, but the end of the evening had a far different outcome to the one I had imagined.

After visiting a few places we eventually settled at one particular club as she bumped into a friend there. Since I don't speak any Russian (they speak Russian in Odessa, not Ukrainian) I increasingly felt being left out. In fact it wasn't too long before she had stopped translating and even stopped looking at me.

Eventually another group joined us, friends of her friend. In that group there was a man who immediately had his eyes set on Natalia, he was quite tall which is a quality I knew she liked a lot. They talked for a long time, laughing and joking, and he spoke to me in simple English, asking where I was from and why I was here. He didn't seem at all intimidated when I told him I had come to see her.

After that they were dancing together, having a great time, and much to my fury at the time, holding hands. When they did eventually sit back down again they talked some more, although it was in Russian, it was obvious flirting... I knew what was coming.

"Vova (pet name of Vladimir) is gonna come back with us."


"Because I said so."

I didn't want to argue with her there, firstly in front of him, and secondly because I knew what kind of temper she had. So we got up and left and went back to the apartment.

When we got back, I made sure that I sat next to Natalia on the sofa, and Vova got up to use the toilet. There was some silence and I looked at her... she looked back at me and just said, "What?" I didn't say anything. When Vova returned I needed to go to the toilet myself so I went.

When I returned Vova had taken my place on the sofa so I went and sat in one of the individual chairs, they were sitting close together and talking, and joking at my expense saying that I was too quiet. Eventually he must've asked something like, "Is it OK to kiss you?" She nodded her head, smiling and said "Mmmhmm" and then he leaned in and started kissing her.

I knew it had been coming, but I still felt light-headed as I watched. After they broke off the kiss, I said in an angry tone, "What the hell are you doing?" She had the most wicked smile on her face and didn't say anything, instead she kinda got up and straddled him. They started kissing again, but this time Vova's hands moved to her ass, lifted up her little skirt and started to squeeze and rub it. She was wearing a tiny little g-string and her ass looked amazing.

I was in shock, felt weak and unable to speak... really angry, but incredibly turned on. After about 5 minutes of that, which seemed like forever, she said something to him in Russian. He answered back and then she got off of him, pulled her skirt down, came over to me, leaned in and pecked my cheek and said, "Goodnight, sweetheart." And promptly went into the Master bedroom.

Vova got up and went to the toilet again, when he came out, he passed me and said, "Goodnight, bye bye." And also went into the Master bedroom and locked the door.

My heart had been sinking the whole time I had been in the Ukraine but I think at that moment I really hit the bottom. My palms were unbelievably sweaty and I could only take short breaths into my lungs.

Of course, there was only one thing I could do at that moment... listen at the door! For a couple of minutes I couldn't hear a thing but eventually I started hearing the noises. Mostly her moans and the occasional squeak of the mattress. During one moment when her moans were particularly loud I was pushed over the edge and came.

When the orgasm had worn off and my horniness had left me, I felt quite empty and depressed. And didn't want to listen anymore. I went to the other bedroom and got into bed, but I didn't really sleep.

In the morning, having slept an hour at most, I got up when I heard Natalia get up... she was making coffee for herself and was in a very upbeat mood. She hugged me and said, "Thank you so much, baby! I had an amazing time because of you." I was still feeling very down and said, "Oh well, I didn't." Then she told me not to worry, and that I'd find an amazing girl one day. I futilely said, "But I want you!" And she told me that we just had no chemistry. That hurt me a lot, and I started to argue with her... saying that she tricked me, used me, ignored me all night. Eventually she shouted at me, "I don't belong to you! I can do what I want."

And then I got a peek into her domineering side when she said, "You are lucky you even saw that! I could have went to his place with him and sent you home alone! I wanted you to see it too but HE said no!"

Not to bore you with too many finer details, we spent the next 5 weeks discussing and going over everything, our feelings and desires, how we both felt that night, and what would happen next. Eventually I accepted how things were between us... and went home without her in my life anymore.

We don't talk often these days as she's too busy with university, I still feel upset that my dreams didn't come true with her, but on the other hand, one of my darkest CUCKOLD fantasies did and I'll never forget it.

And as a reward for reading about my experience, here is a picture of Natalia. It is when we went out walking on that same day and she teased me by taking off her skirt when nobody was around. You can also see that same g-string that Vova felt up. I think you will agree, she is one hot little thing! - Wesley

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