Listening to My Hot Girlfriend Have Sex

Hot Girlfriend

Listening to My Hot Girlfriend Have Sex - I have known my girlfriend for 10 years. She is now 28 and I am 32. We were together for four, and then she has been cuckolding me for the last six. During that time, I knew that she had had sex with a few guys (OK – more than a few) and recently, I knew that I’d have to accept that.

Actually, the thought of her with another guy while I watched excited me, and I told her so, but she was really hesitant about being with another guy while we are together. Occasionally she acted like she may do it, but I honestly thought that this would remain a sexual fantasy unfulfilled. The closest I ever got to my fantasy was seeing pictures of her taken by the guy she was fucking WHILE he was fucking her!!

I have wanked off to them so many times I lost count. One of them is attatched. You can see the guy's massive cock going in her as he is taking the photo. I have no idea who the guy is or what his name is as the pics she gave me are all of her.

Recently, she went to an annual conference for work, a conference where I know there is a lot of sex at night, especially for her. Her attitude going into the conference was that if the opportunity arose, she would take advantage of it, but that it would be a private affair despite my repeated begging for her to call and let me listen. We talked every night and she told me that there was a guy that was interested in him but she probably wouldn’t do anything with him. I was a little disappointed, but I had tried my best.

The last night of the conference, I get a call and my girlfriend quietly says, “Would you like to listen?” I found out later that she invited this guy up and they were making out. When she called me, she was naked after letting him suck on her nipples and play with her pussy.

She set the phone to the side and I got to hear her moans and his grunts of pleasure from the actual penetration. After he finished and left, I got to hear all of the details of that night. To say I was aroused is an understatement and that thought of what she let him do to her made for a great round of sex for BOTH of us the next night. Needless to say, she thinks that sex with other men is not such a bad idea. We haven’t had an opportunity for her to do it again, but hopefully that is just a matter of time. - Bill


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