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Cuckold Wife - My wife and I married young, a long story... We were married on a Saturday, moved into a trailer on the university campus Sunday, and Mike, a married guy who lived on the next block, fucked my wife 2 weeks later. He came over while I was at a night class, got her down on the sofa and fucked her.

He came back two nights later and fucked her on the sofa again. She resisted (if you can call it that) him both times, protesting that they were both married and couldn't do this. He ignored her, wrestled her down on the sofa and fucked her bare-cock and squirted his cum inside her. I knew something was going on, but, at the same time I was angry and jealous, I was wildly turned on. I think she knows that I get turned on and finally admitted it. I got really angry when she did but she just stood there looking at me with a stern look and said, "Don't pretend like you don't like it" .

I was completely taken out of my state of anger and asked her what we should do. She said since I enjoy it so much that we should keep going and I could even watch and clean her up afterwards. I almost came in my pants right there. Does this qualify me as a cuckold? So we kept it up with Mike coming over whenever he pleased (once when we were already asleep) and fucking her.

I can't begin to tell you all how much this is humiliating me and turning me on. It's almost like a drug. Here is a picture of my wife sucking Mike's bigger cock while I watched. Please post it on your cuckold blog. - Sam


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