Cheating Wife

Cheating Wife

Cheating Wife - My wife and I have been married for just over two years now. I知 27 years old and she is just 23. She is originally from the Netherlands, but moved to the United States at a young age. She still has the most adorable accent. She is petite, with small but perky breasts, an incredible flat stomach and a round ass. Her face is also stunning. I feel extremely lucky every morning I wake up to her.

As far as I知 concerned, we have always had a good sex life. We have grown very comfortable with each other's bodies, especially given how little sexual experience she had had prior to our relationship. For the first year and a half of our marriage the sex was excellent and frequent. Being timid in bed, she made sounds infrequently. I知 not sure if she痴 ever had an orgasm with me, but I know she has enjoyed our sex life very much. I知 of more or less an average size for a white man (about 5 and a half inches) and I know how to use it, though, I値l admit that in the past I have been prone to 斗et off a little early. It痴 hard to contain my excitement when making love to woman as beautiful as my wife. Even though we have been together for years, I am still amazed by her beauty on a daily basis. The only thing that has really bothered me through out the course of our sex life is her reluctance to pleasure me orally. In fact, it痴 not even a 途eluctance, she has never given me head, period.

Her work as a dancer is hectic. For the sake of structure (as well as a consistent income) she has opted for teaching part time. Her work includes lessons at the local middle school as well as choreographing several local plays.

She also teaches an evening class at a gym a bit further out of town. Every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:00pm to 8:00pm. Most frequently I would pick her up from the gym, but, on occasion, a friend from her dance group would give her a ride back. Her friend, Natalie, is also quite a stunner. While a couple of years older than my wife she is in incredible shape, probably due to her own interest in dancing. She is married to Clarence, a well built Black man who works for an insurance company in town. He and Natalie are both very sexual people. While they remain polite in company, my wife has told me stories about how much Natalie is willing to reveal about her sex life with Clarence. This always made me self conscious, given that it seemed more exciting than our own, not to mention the myth of the Black man being considerably more well endowed than the white man. My wife seemed to dismiss it as amusing, though she would occasionally mention tid bits of Natalie痴 stories that eluded to how large Clarence was and how satisfying their sex life was.

In any event, things began to take a strange shift about three months ago. On a couple of evenings my wife returned home considerably later than usual. The first time this happened she hadn稚 called for me to pick her up, so I began to worry. After that night she regularly told me not to pick her up, that 哲atalie or someone would. I paid it no mind given how much there was to do around the house.

A couple of weeks later, however, I began to notice that my wife - who was usually exhausted after such a grueling work out - was coming home looking invigorated. When I mention this to her she made some comment about how great it was that 鍍he class was finally coming together. What really disturbed me though was that when she walked through the door and gave me a kiss (which she had just begun to do on a regular basis) I couldn稚 help but notice a strange taste in her mouth. I tried not to think about it, but the taste was there every time she came back from the gym. A thick, salty taste all over her tongue. I knew what it reminded me of.

I began asking if Natalie was bringing her home. 填m, no, this guy Bokeem did, she replied. When I began to pry she told me that he worked evenings at the gym and his shift ended at the same time the class did. I was unsatisfied by her response. It didn稚 seem to make much sense, but I did not press any further.

Around the same time we had sex less and less frequently. At first I attributed it to how busy both of us had been. As time passed, however, I began to suspect something else.

One night as we lay in bed I began to rub my hands over her body. I slowly removed her night gown, kissing her body all over. After having gone down on her I slid my cock inside of her. I was shocked at how loose her pussy felt. We hadn稚 had sex in a couple of weeks but she was looser than I ever felt. As I began thrusting in and out of her I couldn稚 help but notice she was laying on the bed completely unresponsive. She seemed thoroughly bored with the process. I quickly blew my load and fell asleep beside her.

Shortly thereafter I concluded that my wife had been cheating on me. As much as I壇 suspected it I didn稚 want to believe it to be true. But the evidence was irrefutable, it seemed. I was crushed.

The next Thursday night I stood at the window and waited for my wife to come home. Around 9:15 I noticed a car pull up and turn up into a dead end street right around the block. I decided to go outside and investigate.

I crept up to the street. In the distance I could see two people in the car. While I couldn稚 see well, I was sure that is was my wife and another man. I crept to the right and stood near some bushes. The street was dark and I figured I would go unnoticed.

As I stared more intently I saw that it was, in fact, my wife and the person I assumed to be Bokeem. They were chatting in the car for a moment when suddenly my wife痴 head descended into his lap. My heart dropped. I was horrified but couldn稚 turn away. In fact I crept up closer to the car to get a better look. Bokeem had tipped his head back and his eyes appeared to be closed, enjoying the head my wife was giving him. I walked up almost right next to the car to get a better look.

It was then that my beliefs were confirmed. It was my wife. It was shocking to see. What was more shocking, however, and what almost made me gasp, was the size of Bokeems cock. I have no idea what it measured, but if I had to guess I壇 say around 10 inches. It was incredible, and so much larger than mine. I couldn稚 believe my eyes, watching my wife suck on huge Black cock, when she had never even so much as licked her husbands. Watching her it was clear that she knew what she was doing. I then heard Bokeem let out a huge groan as my wife continued to hum on his cock. I realized he was coming and she was sucking all of his semen up. It was at that point I quickly walked away.

I didn稚 go back into the house. I began to wander aimlessly. I didn稚 know how to deal with what I had just witnessed. I couldn稚 face my wife right away. Ten minutes later my cell phone rang. It was my wife. She壇 just walked in the house and was surprised to find it empty. I told her I was having a couple of drinks with friends, and apologized for not leaving a note. Then she asked how late I planned to be out. I told her I壇 be home in two hours at the latest.

At that moment I began to walk back in the direction of home. Within 15 minutes I was outside of my house. Bokeem痴 car was parked on the other side of the street and the lights were on in my home. I carefully crept along the side of the house and into the back yard. Away from the street lights I was virtually invisible. I walked up to the our bedroom window and peeked in. There was my wife, once again, with Bokeem痴 huge cock in her mouth. He was naked, laid out on the bed - my bed! - with my wife, still in her bra and underwear holding her head and forcing her down on his cock. With all the lights on in the bedroom I could see far more clearly than when I壇 watched them in the car. Bokeem痴 cock looked even larger. My wife seemed to be sucking it even harder, and this time she was moaning and groaning louder than I壇 ever heard her before. She was violently sucking it up and down, occasionally coming up for air, eyes closed, mouth wide open with semen and saliva all over her face. She would then continue, just as vigorously as before. I had never seen her so passionate, aggressive and beautiful. It was clear how much she was loving it. And in that moment, as I stood watching my beautiful wife sucking off a Black man, I came to realize something: I would never be adequate. Now that my wife had discovered this huge cock, I knew she couldn稚 go back. I understood why we hadn稚 had sex in so long. I understood why she looked so bored when we did. The way she looked at me, almost in disgust as I stuck my tiny white cock into her stretched out pussy. I realized that things would never be the same, that I would never be desirable to her again. That this man who痴 huge cock was dribbling come into my wife痴 mouth was sexually superior. I also realized how turned on I was by watching it. I could feel my little pecker getting hard. She continued sucking up and down his long shaft when she began to moan uncontrollably. I realized she was coming! She was having an orgasm just from sucking on his cock!

Bokeem then suddenly removed his cock from her mouth, picked her up and threw her on the bed. She began to giggle as he pulled off her panties, and she removed her bra. He then climbed on top of her and shoved his giant cock into her wet pussy as she groaned in delight. A man was fucking my wife - unprotected - in my own bed! And I knew she was enjoying it more than our entire sex life. My cock was hard in my pants, and as Bokeem began pounding my wife I pulled it out and began masturbating.

I stood there, in the darkness of the backyard holding my tiny cock as my wife screamed in ecstasy for the next 45 minutes. I shot my little droplets of come as Bokeem pounded a huge load of semen into my wife痴 gaping pussy.

Once they were finished I saw my wife look at the clock and say something to Bokeem. He quickly put his clothes back on as she walked him, naked with his come running down her leg, to the door. I stayed in the back yard until I heard his car drive off. I then walked up onto the porch and into the house.

My wife looked startled as I walked through the door. She only had a towel around her. She told me she was about to jump in the shower before bed. I walked over to her to give her a kiss. I realized at the moment that I wanted to taste the come in her mouth, that I wanted to lick her pussy clean. She gently pushed me away telling me she felt 創asty and just wanted a quick shower. I suggested we take one together. She told me she might be on her period and would rather we didn稚. I dropped it.

All night long as I lay next to her I imagined Bokeem inside of her. Laying on the same sheets on which he had just pounded my wife, I couldn稚 help but masturbate after she壇 fallen asleep. And as turned on as I remained by it, my feelings of inadequacy began to bother me more and more through out the sleepless night. I want to be able to stare at her beautiful face without seeing a Black cock in her mouth. I want her to be mine, she痴 my wife! I still want to make love to her, but I know I値l never be able to satisfy her needs. I feel deep feelings of shame for how turned on I am, but I also harbor feelings of resentment (though I can hardly blame her for wanting Black cock over my own). Still, another part of me wants to believe that this is just a phase that she値l get over. Maybe she just needs to get some experimenting out of the way. I know the saying, 徹nce you go Black, you値l never go back, but maybe she will.

I don't have any pictures of her with her bulls as she hasn't yet told me about this though I love her to death still. I a submitting a hot picture of her taken in the summer when we were in the prime of our sex life together. - Tony


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