My Wife Loves Big Black Dicks

Wife and Big Dicks

My Wife Loves Big Black Dicks - I cannot believe it happened, but it did. My wife found out about big cocks! And it came about without any prompting on my part even though I had fantasized about it many times. Like many things in life, it just happened and now that it has, I am enjoying it!

Kim and I have been married for ten years at this time. Both of us are in our thirties and kept ourselves in shape through cycling, hiking and keeping active. Kim stood 5’6” with a sexy frame, and brown hair while I was 5’10” and slender.

Our sex life was okay, but then again I should have noticed the signs that it was not as good as Kim would have liked. She was very sexual wanting to play quite a lot. It was not uncommon for her to initiate sex no matter where we were. At the beach, in the car or just about wherever the mood struck her. The thing that struck me as a little odd was her demands that I lick her pussy most of the time. Don’t get me wrong; we screwed every time it’s just that she would want me to tongue her a lot more than having me in her. She also had me use a dildo on her which was larger than I am. But then it was not too hard being bigger than me when I am only 4 ½” on my best day.

About six months ago we had a young black man move in next door. His name was Charles. He was a tall at about 6’6” with his weight about 225 pounds. He moved into this area to start a new job at a mechanical engineering company. Quiet and reserved, but friendly once he got to know someone was his way.

Seeing that he was new to the area my wife said that we should invite him over for a barbecue and to relax around our pool. So one afternoon about a week ago we went over to his place to invite him over. We caught him having to get ready for a meeting but he was cordial inviting us in. Sitting around a little bit we talked about our plans to have him over. He thanked us for our offer and said that he’d like that, that he did not know anyone in the neighborhood.

Looking at his watch he told us that he had to get changed real quick, but that we could stay and then leave when he did. At that he went back to his bedroom. My wife said that she had to use the bathroom and went down the hall to find it. It wasn’t five minutes till my wife came rushing back into the living room with a big-eyed look on her face. Sitting beside me she whispers excitedly into my ear, “He’s huge!” I looked at her like she was nuts, but she just shook her head telling me that she saw it, that it hung between his legs like a big log!

At that point Charles comes back into the room dressed for the office. Kim looks at him like she sees a big steak. I’ve never checked out a guy’s crotch, but looking at his I could tell that he must be packing a larger cock than mine. We make some small talk before he leaves and then Kim and I go back home.

Once we got home, Kim attacks me! I’ve never seen her so worked up before. She was like a woman possessed. All I could do was follow her demands as we screwed for what seemed hours. I could not believe my wife would be so fixated on a man’s cock. It was all she could talk about. In fact she made reference to my small size and actually wondered out loud how his would feel in her.

Later that evening, Kim asked me a question I could not believe. She wanted to know if she could have Charles fuck her. My jaw dropped when she asked that question. She saw my reaction so she told me that she has always been curious about what a big dick would feel like in her and that her girlfriends have always lavished praise on men with large cocks. Finally, she told me, “You are the smallest guy I’ve been with, Kevin. And you know how much I love you. Let me do this.” What could I say I have to let her. The only thing I asked was to be there when she did him. I thought she might be upset about that but she just hugged me and said no problem!

For the next two days. Kim was so antsy. As for my feelings I was split. On the one hand the thought of seeing my wife with Charles was a turn on and yet I was a little jealous of the reaction he was getting from my wife. Still I had the feeling that even if I had said no to her, she would have ignored it and gone off to jump him. It was better to go along with her hoping for the best.

Saturday afternoon finally arrived and Kim had spent most of that morning primping and making sure she looked absolutely the hottest she could. Of course she had to put on her littlest bikini which left very little to the imagination. Seeing her like that my dick was hard which prompted me to try for a quickie. She laughed at me telling me that she wanted to play with something bigger today! That only made my cock jump which brought forth a giggle from Kim.

Charles was, if nothing else, punctual. He came over wearing those long-swim trunks, which I always thought looked a little dorky. But then if my wife thought that she certainly didn’t act that way. She was all friendly and flirty with him offering him a drink and then escorting him over to the poolside lounges. He seemed to enjoy my wife’s attention and they were soon chatting quite amicably. While Kim was entertaining I kept busy with the grill and when I had a chance would go over to visit with Charles and my wife. It always struck me as a little odd that my wife would give me a look that told me that I was intruding on them. I just shook that off as my imagination.

Kim, after a while left Charles to help with the food. When it was all served we all sat down at the table by the pool. Conversation and laughter flowed, as did the wine. I could tell that Kim was getting worked up from the way she was talking to Charles. He just ate up her attention, which had me feeling like a third wheel. It was then that Kim suggested that we all go sit in the hot tub to relax. Taking our wine glasses, we all slide into the hot tub.

My wife’s next action was a surprise to me. She said that we should all be naked when in the hot tub. At her pronouncement, she stood up removed her top and bottom in quick succession. I was stunned. She had never done anything like that before and now here she was stark naked, the water dripping from her bush, in front of a stranger. Of course, Charles’ eyes were taking in my wife’s youthful body.

Charles did not waste any time stripping off his swim trunks tossing them onto the deck. My wife turned to me asking me if I was going to take mine off or was I afraid someone may see something little. I winced at that but took off my trunks. Sliding back into the water, Kim moves a little closer to Charles. After a few moments she asks Charles what he thinks about the story that black men have big cocks. He tells her he does not know about all black guys but that he is not lacking in that department.

Kim looks back at me and then tells Charles, “Let me see your cock, I want to see what you have between your legs.” Charles just chuckles and stand up in the tub. Nothing could have prepared me for the sight of his cock. He was huge! Kim’s description did not truly express what he had. He hung like large salami between his legs. Heck even when I am fully erect (which I was in an instant then) he dwarfed my cock and he was not even hard! The expression on Kim’s face was unmistakable lust!

Looking up at Charles, she said, “Can I touch it?” He laughed telling her she could touch it all she wanted. She slowly let her hand slide up onto his fat cock and I was amazed that her fingers did not go all the way around. With mine she could easily hold onto my shaft! As she played with his shaft, I could not believe it but he was getting bigger.

Sitting on the side of the tub, Charles told my wife to suck his cock. Smiling she slide in front of him letting her lips wrap around his cock’s big head. I had a clear view of this and my cock was so hard I thought I was going to explode. The sight of that big black cock in my wife’s mouth was so incredible exciting! I marveled that she could get any of it in her mouth, but she did.

By now Charles was fully erect, but unlike my cock, which stood straight up, his sort of jutted out from his body and curved slightly downward. Kim, looking up at Charles told him that she wanted him to fuck her, to make her cum. Laughing, he picked her up easily into his arms and started off to the house. His cock swaying before him like a large tree trunk. I got up to follow them at which Charles sees how little I am. He laughs and looking down at Kim tells her that she has his sympathizes having a husband with such a little cock. Giggling she says, “Well you can show him what a man with a real cock can do tonight.”

Once in our bedroom, Charles lies on the bed telling Kim to suck on his big cock. Turning to me, she tells me to eat her pussy, to get her ready for his man’s cock. I do so dutifully and the she surprises me again ... by telling me to leave the room and close the door behind me!!! That's not what I expected but what could I say? I felt dominated. For the next 2 hours my stomach was in knots while I sat there listening to them go at it like rabbits. Every few minutes I'd hear my wife scream and wanted so bad to go in there but just sat on the sofa. After they were done she came out with an unmistakable look of relief and satisfaction on her face. I was jealous as hell but with a raging hardon!! After Charles left I asked my wife all about it and she smiled and said she wasn't going to say anything but had a little souvenir for me. She handed me a camera and it had a picture of Charles fucking her! Apparently he thought it would be a nice gesture to let me have a picture of the event. They put the camera on auto and took a shot of them going at it! (The same one I am sending for the cuckold blog). When I saw it I almost came right there! Then my wife went up to bed exhausted and fell asleep. I went into the shower and jacked-off over and over releasing the stress, hornyness and jealousy. It was our first time but not our last. - Clint


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