Sweet Wife Turns Wild and Kinky

Sweet Wife Turns Wild and Kinky

Sweet Wife Turns Wild and Kinky - Hi,

Here's a picture for your cuckold blog.

My wife's a really sweet, nice person, who everyone likes. But, Marie (wife) does have a kinky wild side, and at certain times, a real slut! Everyone believes she's innocent, but she has cheated on me early in our relationship and has since fucked many more times, but hey, nothing turns me on more physically and mentally to see her being fucked, I guess we make a good match.

One of first experiences was when we went to a club one night to have some drinks and a little dancing. That night the club was full of single guys, all dressed their best and full of charm. It was like a meat market as you could see guys hitting on all the single ladies. We stayed close to the bar and observed for a while, not sure if she was comfortable, I suggested we leave and try another place. She firmly said no and wanted to dance. As I was not yet in the dancing mood, I said we could go to the dance floor, where I could stand on the side with my drink and she could dance close by. When she started to dance, at least two guys came close to her and started to dance and chat her up. I could see her flirting, laughing and just having a great time, she would occasionally make eye contact with me and we would just smile, as it was all harmless, or so it seem. As the night proceeded, I met the guys (Ron, Jason & Mike) and a few more (although not introduced as her husband). She was dancing with the guys, some taking turns grinding on her from behind, hands on her butt and thighs, somehow I found myself not jealous or concerned once she was enjoying herself, actually it was even a little exciting, I kept wondering if this was how she was before we dated.

Just after midnight, she told me some of the guys and a couple girls were going to another party (private) and that she wanted to go. Of course I said no problem, and we followed a convoy of cars to someones private residence. The house was really nice and there was a party going on in the walkout basement area, which was open to the backyard and a huge jacuzzi. At first when I got there, I found the atmosphere very sensual, as the lights were low and people were either in flirtatious conversations or dirty dancing. My wife was very relaxed and was talking with Ron and Jason, while I just sipped my drink and observed. Eventually I was approached by a couple and we started talking about different things, you know, this and that. After a while I noticed that my wife was missing, at first I thought she was using the washroom, and after a further five minutes, I assumed she was getting some air. After another ten minutes, I became a little concerned and decided to take a little walk and see if I could find her. I went outside, the first time for the night, but all I found were some people in the jacuzzi, and to my amazement without clothes, I got an invitation to join, but I politely declined. Now I really wanted to find my wife to tell her what was happening outside, so I went upstairs, where I found more people in the living room, kissing and visibly fondling each other. Wow, I said to myself, this place is really hot. I saw one of the guys my wife was hanging out with coming from the back rooms and decided to take a quick look, there were not many places left to look. As I walked down the hall, I could hear moaning sounds coming from the rooms, one door opened and as I focused I could see a bunch of naked people on a bed, I found myself getting a huge erection, then I thought of my wife, where could she be, was she okay?

I continued walking down the hall to the last room, that's when I heard a familiar sound, it was my wife laughing, I immediately felt more relaxed, she must be fine. When I got to the door, it was half open and I discreetly started to look in. What I saw almost flawed me. My wife was on her knees completely naked, she had Ron & Jason also naked in front of her. They did not see me, I guess because she was too busy sucking both guys hard cocks. I wanted to rush in and shout stop, but somehow I was paralysed to move, I was awestruck, as I saw how vigorous and passionate she was sucking their dicks and balls. Another guy, whom I did not see before walked by me to go into the room, as he entered he turned and asked me if I wanted to come in. I said I preferred to watch, he smiled and said two of his other buddies had already fucked her and this chick was one fucking hell of a gang bang!

When I turned my attention back to my wife, she was now being fucked in the ass by Jason, while she kept sucking Ron's dick. The new guy started rubbing her breast and eventually each took turns fucking her. Ron spun her around and pulled her legs up onto his shoulders as he jammed his cock deep into her, I could occasionally hear her gasping as she had orgasms. When he was ready to cum he jumped up and came all over her breast. The other guys? after fucking her, both took turns cuming in her mouth, most of which she swallowed.

My heart was racing when my wife looked in my direction and saw me, she just smiled and went back to sucking one of the guy's dick, that's when I realized I had my dick in my hand and was jerking it off for all it's worth.

After we left, she said her night was fantastic and she knew I would find her. I smiled and said I too had a great time and after that experience she could fuck whoever, whenever she wanted, just let me know so that I could watch, what a great slut!

Here's a picture of her sucking off Ron, whom we met another night. And being fucked from another guy.

You can let us know what you think at housewife_anytime @ yahoo.com

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