Wife wants sex now with Another Man

Wife wants sex now with Another Man

My Hotwife Cuckolded Me Early - Hey everyone,

My name is Ron, 51 and new to this area of sexuality. I have been married for 22 years to my wife, Susan she's 44 in the gym everyday looks 10 years younger than she is. She has always been the type to look after herself impeccably.

Our sex life has always been challenged--right from our marriage forward. I have a small penis (4.5" erect) and have always had difficulty getting and maintaining erections. Years back we were fairly active doing everything else and my lack of ability never bothered her when she was younger. Over the years our sex life has more or less diminished (but we still have some fun) and as Susan has gotten into her 40s her libido has actually started to explode. Shortly after her 40th birthday we had a conversation (after too much wine) where she confessed she fantasized about being with other men. The conservation turned me on to the point that we ended up fucking for the first time in many months. Since that time this topic has come up from time-to-time always resulting in some sort of orgasm. The idea really does turn me on.

Now, only in the past year things have changed considerably. Two things happened, my wife bought a vibrator (and uses it generously) and one of her closest friends (50, but youthful and adventurous) got a divorce and started to fuck anything and everything and revels in telling my wife about her wild times. My wife's attitude went from 'being with someone else would be exciting' to 'i need it NOW' This of course, is a turn on to me, and the source of some nauseous excitement.

Now, to wrap this story up to some extent, two months ago my wife was involved in a very complicated mishap on the freeway, no one seriously hurt, but some damage done. Through this accident she met Jason. Jason was one of the State Troopers who was initially there and he has helped Susan out several times since dealing with reports, lawyers, insurance, etc... Within days of this accident happening she started to talk about him ALL THE TIME. In my mind of course I'm thinking, she wants to fuck this guy...I'm turned on, excited, scared. Anyway, I insisted on going with her one day to the police station where she was dropping off yet another bit of paperwork...and I met this Jason and was floored. He is totally unlike anyone my wife has ever admitted attraction too. Firstly he's all of 25 years old...and physically he's nothing like what I assumed was my wife's "type." I watched the interplay between them, body-language, etc and it's obvious that she is very much interested. After this encounter I did muster up the courage to ask her if she was attracted to him and she admitted she was... but dismissed it saying 'he's a kid and i'm an old(er) married woman'...yet i know she looks at him with lust...I saw it.

Fast forward a few weeks and she accepted to go out with him for coffee. I'll post more when/if anything happens but for now here is a picture of her from her hot webcam session with me last summer. I am also trying to convince her to "accidentally" email it to her. - Ron

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