My Hotwife Cuckolded Me Early

My Hotwife Cuckolded Me Early

My Hotwife Cuckolded Me Early - Hi all, I'm sort of new here to this stuff. I have a pretty good story to tell as to how I got into this scene. So, im 21 now, happily living after the hurricane named C***y took over my life. When we were both in High school, we were madly in love. It wasn't hard, she was 5'10, about 100 lbs, blonde hair, blue eyes, legs to die for. It wasn't long before I first developed a huge foot fetish, and had her routinely jerk me off with her sexy feet.

Hell, we had so much sex it was amazing. Her blow jobs were sensual and long. I was in love. For one reason or another, while watching some foot job porn of an older guy and a young blonde girl, I started imagining that it was her stroking the guy's cock. So, fast forward a few weeks, and I finally found the courage to do something about this new found fetish. I took her to a sex store nearby and bought her a large black dildo. That night I had her stradle me with her panties down around her ankles as she jacked my cock as hard as she ever had, and deep throated the dildo. I was in heaven. Needless to say, I went away to college the next fall and things fell apart rapidly. By Thanksgiving we were always mad at each other.

She came up to my dorm in early January as sort of a last goodbye type thing. We quickly started to argue, and she left. She was gone a long time, and when she came back, she stripped and we made out for a good 30 seconds. I tasted something salty and warm... it was someone else's cum. We fucked like rabbits, and the next morning she was out of my life forever. I met up with my best friend (at the time), Dave, and told him about my night. He knew already. She had seen him that night. It was his cum. I almost puked, but I was rock hard. I beat it about 4 more times that day. Well, now i'm all moved on, and we occasionally talk. I have a wife now, but I have to admit when i'm alone, I can't stop myself from jerking it to the thoughts of the good old days which actually may be coming back! I'm noticing my wife starting to look alot at other men when we go out. Maybe??? Well, thats my story, and here are some pics of my hot wife that I hope will soon be my "hotwife". Thanks - Carl


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