Caught Her Cheating

Caught Her Cheating

Caught Her Cheating - I am totally addicted to my wife cheating on me. It all started a year ago when I left my computer cam running so I could keep an eye on our dog while I was at work. The dog sleeps on our bed during the day so I set up the camera to film him on the bed. So imagine my suprise when I turned on the camera from work and I see my wife fucking another man. Of course I flipped out when I saw this. I wanted to kill her. But it was not that big of a suprise. We had been fighting for months and we almost never had sex. I would always have to beg for it. And when I finally did get it she would just sit there.

Anyways.....I went home right away but buy the time I got there, they were gone. The thing that really drove me crazy was the fact that she had never fucked me like that. She was so aggressive with the guy. And so loud. I had never made her scream like that. She was a totally different women. It also drove me crazy that the guy was way bigger than I was. He had a huge fucking dick. It had to be 8 inches. And it was fucking thick.

Well I decided to go back to work. Of course I got no work done. I tried to think of how I would confront her on this. When I got home that night I had the uncontrolable urge to hate fuck her before I confronted her. Of course she made me beg for it .Which made me hate her even more. But she finally gave in. But as I started fucking her I began to picture her fucking the other guy. This made me cum right away. We had been fucking for only 2 minutes. Of course this pissed off my wife and she pushed me out of bed. I felt so humiliated after that I just kept the fact that I knew she was fucking another man a secret. My plan was to fuck her better than the other guy and when I finally did I would confess that I caught her cheating and the divorce her.

This is where it gets crazy. I went to work the next day and of course the same thing happened. They fucked for hours in my bed while I watched it from miles away. Every night I would go home and try and fuck her. But she would either turn me down or I would cum to quick from the thought of how she looked while fucking the other guy. It was only a matter of time before I started wacking off at work while watching the 2 of them fuck live on my computer cam. This went on for weeks. I was totally addicted to watching them. It got to the point where I set up more comp cams in the house. Because sometimes they would fuck in the shower or on the kitchen floor.

I took it even farther when I decided to sneak home during the day and I would watch them on another computer from inside the house. Something about this turned me on so much. One time she decided put on this really sexy lingerie. She NEVER did anything like that for me. I watched from the downstairs computer as she mounted this guy in this incredible outfit.........

As i watched them fool around in my bed I suddenly had an idea. I decided to call my wife on the phone. She let it ring for the longest time. You could tell she was starting to become irritated. She finally answered the phone. I can't remember what I said to her but I kept her on the phone as long as I could. I could tell the guy she was with was growing impatient. She was lying on her back with him on top of her. But he slowly began kissing her and worked his way down her body. She tried to get him to stop but when he started licking her pussy she seemed to finally give in. I was so turned on! I couldn't believe I was actully on the phone with my wife while she was with another man. (and I could see everything!!) She tried to carry on a conversation with me but I could tell she was begining to have a hard time focusing on what I was saying. As we talked I would ask her questions and she would respond with answers that made no sense. But I just went along. On the video she was clearly getting into it. She started arching her back and thrusting her pelvis. They were making alot of eye contact. This way she could communicate approval without actully having to moan. But before long she could not control her self and she let one slip. I had to say something. I asked her what he hell she was doing and she confessed that she was masturbating. I told her how hot I thought that was and to stay on the phone while I got off with her from work. She moaned yes but it was obvious she was talking to the man she was with. But now that she thought that I thought she was buy her self she became way more vocal. This was so amazing. I could actully watch my wife fuck another man while I was on the phone with her. The best was when I started talking dirty to her. "Tell me you want it", I would say. And she would respond. But it was clear that she would always be talking to him. But then something really suprising happened. I told her to say grab my tits but when she did the guy stopped eating her out and grabbed her tits. This was fucking amazing. I was actully directing what this guy did to her! Then I told her to say,"Stick it in me", and he did! They were now fucking with me on the phone! She really started making noise. Lots of moaning and lots of, "Oh god" and fuck me. When the two of them finally looked like they were ready to explode I told her to say, "Cum on my face". This was something I had never seen this guy do. But sure enough when she said this out loud he stood up, grabbed her buy the hair and began unloading in her face. I have some still images from the cams of them. Unfortunately these are the only ones I could submit because any others would show thier faces and I'm not ready for anyone in my area to know about this. - Landon


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