Bull Made Me Post This

Bull Made Me Post This

Bull Made Me Post This - I have been instructed by Her new Bull to post this. She met him through a national swinger site. He lives in the upper midwest, we live in the Mid-Atlantic region. He came to our city last summer and met her without me. They chatted at a bar for a time, but after about only 30 mins, he persuaded her to come to his car with him. I was shocked to learn from her after that she had sucked his cock in the car. She has never been so bold on a first meeting before. She must have really liked him.

Notwithstanding the obvious chemistry, his distance from us has prevented another meeting until this month. On Dec 16 we are meeting him in Washington DC where he will fuck my wife and keep her in his bed all night.

Some details have not been decided. But they will go out to dinner at a nice restaurant without me. I may drive them or they may take a cab. But I will not join them for dinner. After a nice dinner at an upscale restaurant, they may go out for a drink or for some music, or they may no. Either way, the next step will be for them to return to the hotel.

It will be my job during the evening to prepare their room. To turn down their bed, light candles and set the music.

I may or may not be permitted to spend any time at all with them. If so, the most I will see is some kissing and petting.

He has told me directly that I will likely never see him fuck my wife.

If I stay in their suite over night, I may be able to hear through the door. If I am sent to a remote room, elsewhere in the hotel, I will hear only what they phone to allow me to hear.

In any event, I will be alone in my bed, with a hard cock, knowing that he is enjoying my wife's pussy and that both of them are building sexual energy and tension, and sharing that sweet release. I, meanwhile, will know no release. I will be required to stroke all night long, but prohibited from cumming.

Sometime prior to their date -- I do not know what day -- I will be told that I may no longer fuck my wife, and I may no longer cum. I will be ordered to masturbate repeatedly every single day, but my orders will be to go to the edge of orgasm and then stop; after I calm down, I am to repeat the process -- endlessly. My cock will be raw and leaking and my balls will ache. But I will be so compliant that I will eagerly do anything and everything my Goddess tells me to do.

And she enjoys fucking and cumming so much more when I am aching for her. Here is a picture of her that the bull instructed me to submit along with this post. - Cucky


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