Her First Time

Her First Time

Her First Time - Moira and I used to talk about sex whilst we made love. I would always talk about seeing her fucked by another man and this always got her worked up and very wet.

I tried for a long time to persuade her that we could put the fantasy into reality and after some time she agreed. I made contact with a chap named Alan from London and he sent me some photographs of himself and I sent some of Moira. She is dark haired, petite with lovely breasts. She is somewhat shy and not at all adventurous in sexual matters. We went to London bt rail and booked into a hotel and right on time Alan arrived.

We sat and talked for a while and then Moira excused herself and went up to our room. Alan and I followed about half an hour later and as we entered the room Moira was standing at the window with her back to the door. She was wearing a black mini-top, black short skirt, black stockings and suspenders and a thong. I went to her and keeping her back to Alan I took her into my arms and raised her skirt up around her waist revealing her firm round bottom to Alan's gaze.

He started to strip down to his briefs and moved up behind Moira his hands fondling her bottom. I turned her around and pushed her towards Alan and then moved away from them with the camera ready. Alan got down to work and slowly stripped Moira of her skirt, then her thong and just left her wearing the top. He spread her legs wide and put his head between her legs and sucked her wet fanny and all the time Moira was holding his head and pulling him into her. He changed his attention to her tits and as he sucked one he rolled the nipple of the other between his fingers.

Moira was loving every moment of it and showed no signs of shyness at all. Soon she was stark naked and Alan stood up to remove his briefs, thats when his huge rampant cock sprang into site. I could see why he had kept it covered until now when there was no going back. Moira wrapped her fingers around his shaft and began to stroke it and it seemed to grow even more.

I was in doubt that Moira could take this weapon all the way. Alan lay on his back and Moira mounted his hips his cock stood up behind her like some great ramrod. She raised herself almost to a crouching position over his cock and taking it in her hand she slowly rubbed its head up and down against her wet, swollen and open fanny. Then slowly she lowered herself over it and I could see the whole length slowly sliding into my wife. She sat down all the way until only his balls were showing and then she began to fuck herself on his huge cock.

It was really wonderful to watch, that great cock going full length in and out of her, filling her belly with hot hard cock. After some time they changed positions, her legs around his waist, then over his shoulders, now on her hands and knees and all the time he never once took his cock out of her or stoped fucking her. Eventually at 2 in the morning with a final heave of his cock he shot his spunk deep inside my wife. He withdrew his cock and I stripped naked and took his place. Alan dressed and quietly left us and Moira and I continued to fuck each other. The whole evening was fantastic and exciting. We have met Alan again down here in Plymouth on a couple of occasions, but thats another story. All these things actually happed and Moira is much more adventuresome in sexual matters now. - Giv


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