Sharing My Wife

Sharing My Wife

Sharing My Wife - I always wanted share my wife with another but she always said it will never happen. Now I have tried many times to arrange things to happen, but she would never go for it.

I lived in burbs of Chicago and we had a cook-out planned for friends of ours (Marine Corps buddies). As always we had plenty of beer and for some reason the conversation of sex games came up. Everyone said they all played one or knew of some. As we talked, my wife was right in the middle... saying some games named sounded lame or would never buy them. I explained a game I knew using dice and she said it would be boring and would never work.

I went into the house and found a large set of foam dice that hung on our rearview mirror of my truck. On one dice I wrote on each side: Kiss, Suck, lick, rub, Squeeze & nibble. On the next: Nipples, Feet, Ass, Neck, Lips and Your choice.

We started to play..and it was pretty tame. Buddy rolled dice... picked my wife and I was amazed she played along. David rolled and got to lick her neck. She rolled and Sucked on his nipples. Next demetris got to suck her nipples. I WAS TOTALY amazed as she lifted her shirt and let him remove her tit form her bra (Wife has 36C's) and suck on her nipple.

After about 10 minutes of play... David rolled "lick & lips". He asked her to drop her pants and she quicky said "No-way" wrong lips! Well the game came to a halt and I went to get more beer for all. When I got back David was still trying to talk her into it but she wouldn't. I whispered in her ear that she should just have fun and quit being a party pooper. She gave me the look and sat down and sipped her beer. Finally she said "OK" and dropped her pants! Oh my! It was priceless, she walked to the couch laid back and David spent about 30 minutes licking her! Me and Demetris just watched. I loved her eyes as she closed them and enjoyed the moment!

I told Demetris to go play with her tits and he walked over and started to rub them and finally lifted her shirt and play with them. I walked over and place my erect friend on her lips... she shook her head no...but just then she had an orgasm and when she finished...sucked on me as she moaned out loud.

David finally dropped his pants and rubbed himself on her pussy. She keeped closing her legs as her tried to enter her... and said he could touch only. After a few minutes she wanted to whisper something in my ear: (Would you be mad if I let him fuck me?) OH! I was in heaven and we all fucked for at least 6 more hours!

That night was full of wild fun that lead to many more fun nites. Here is a picture of her that we took not long after that encounter as it opened up her "wild" side. - Darren


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