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Bride, Groom & Best Man Fuck

Bride, Groom & Best Man Fuck - True story here: My wife and I and my best man slipped out of the rehersal dinner early to go back to our apartment for a quick MFM. We had done a MFM with him before and while him and I were out running around that day we were recounting our previous escapades!

It got both of us horny so we decided we were going to do everything we could to get a repeat performance. We got her to the apartment without telling her what we wanted, I took her in the bedroom and untied her dress which fell to the floor leaving her naked! I sat back on the bed, pulled her forward and put my dick in her mouth. My buddy then came in the room and started licking from her pussy up to her ass which always gets her hot! Once he knew she was into it he put his dick into her and started pounding as hard and as fast as he could. I think he lasted about 3 minutes before he came in her (we knew he was clean).

Right after that she jumped up on me and slid her wet pussy down my cock! It was the hottest and wettest pussy EVER!!!! I think I lasted about 3 minutes too, then blasted up inside of her myself! While she was fucking me, my buddy was behind her just rubbing her and kissing from her ass up to the top of her neck. We knew that some of the family, including her mom, was coming back to our apartment after the dinner so we had to finish. We heard the front door open and her maid of honor walked in. She was a real uptight bitch that none of us liked except for my wife, so you can imagine what she thought when she came around the corner and found the 3 of us spent on the bed! I thought my wife would freak out and be embarrased, but she just didn't care and went back to work on my buddy's dick with her mouth.

Her maid of honor yelled something at us, I don't remember what, but did alert us that the family was on the way. My buddy laid back on the bed and my wife got on top of him, fucking him for the sole sake of getting herself off. After she got off we all got dressed just in time before the family got there! There is more to the story later that night as the girls took her out and the guys took me out, we ended up meeting at a club when I walked in on her getting freaky with 2 guys she was dancing with, but that is another story I will tell later if anybody is interested. For now we have a picture of us all getting nasty on the bed about 6 months before our wedding.

I still remember her pussy being wet and puffy the night of our wedding, and I remember thinking about how she had 2 loads of cum in her the night before and that there must have still been some in her when we were at the alter :-)

We have been very happily married now for 6 years, and to this day the only 2 guys she has ever been with were me and my best man. although she fucked him a few times before the wedding, and the night before the wedding, she has not fucked him since. the memories of that night are enough to set either of us off anytime we recount them!!!! - Cliff


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