Her Black Lover

Her Black Lover

Her Black Lover - My wife's best friend has a black boy friend. Her husband knows of her affair. He doesn't let her fuck him in their house. So she goes to his place to open her legs or to lift her ass up for him. The black guy has a younger brother.

She suggested my wife if she'd introduced him to her. My wife asked me if she could meet with him. I accepted. She brought her lover and his brother to our place to meet my wife. He's a handsome guy. After some talks with wine the best friendís lover asked me if they'd use our guest bedroom for a while. Ten minutes later the brother asked me if he'd use our bedroom with my wife for a while too.

I wasn't stunned with his question. I was already waiting for it. I accepted but wanted to watch them and take a few pictures. She didn't accept it and said not during the first time. She wanted to get used to it. One hour later she called me in and I watched their second round. It was an unbelievable wild fuck. Since then heís my wife's steady lover. He comes to fuck her whether Iím home or not.

When Iím home I always watch them. Some times her best friend and her lover come to us together. My wife and her best friend enjoy swapping their black brothers too. Her best friend doesn't mind when I watch her either. Their recent trend is MFMF. It's wonderful seeing two black dicks in my wife when she eats her best friend's pussy or visa versa. Believe or not believe I also fucked her best friend a few times when the two guys sandwiched my wife. Her husband doesn't know anything about the second black guy and my dick in her pussy. Here is one picture of my wife with the younger brother. - Samuel


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