My Wife on a Cruise


My Wife on a Cruise - We were on a carnival cruise out of miami and I told my wife that if the opportunity arose, she could have sex w/ anyone on the ship that she wanted to. Well, at first she thought I was crazy but after afew days, she started to like the idea.

I would point out guys to her that I knew were her type and tell her that she'd look hot fucking him or blowing him. In the evening she began to wear very revealing outfits that showed off her hot body. She's 43 but could easily pass for 30, 5'6", 120lbs, has long wavy brown hair, hazel eyes, perfect 34b tits and is always shaved.

On the fourth night we were having drinks on the deck when one of the guys that I had pointed out to her earlier in the trip came to the bar. We started some small talk and partying w/ each other. My wife became more flirtious and would frequently put her arm around his neck or grab his thigh as we were all talking and laughing. She was wearing black shorts, orange spaghetti strap tank top which showed off her tits nicely and a pair of sneakers. Man she looked smoking even thouygh she was dressed casually.

My wife excused herself and when to the ladies room and Lou was really giving her the look over. I told him how lucky I was to have such a hot looking wife and that she really loved sex. Lou was a little stunned at first but seemed to hold his composure. At this point my wife came back to the bar and sat on the stool. I told her that Lou was checking her out as she went to the restroom.

She smacked his ass and told him he was a bad boy. I then told her that I informed Lou how much she enjoyed sex. She was speechless at first and then after a few seconds she spread open her legs revealing her pussy just "slightly" through the leg opening in her shorts and said "well, I guess he'll like this then." She was showing him her bald pussy w/out any underwear on.

I suggested that it might be better if we all went to our cabin for a night cap which everyone readily agreed. I told them that i'd be down there in a few minutes and that I would take care of the tab first. I gave them about 15 minutes before I arrived. When I opened the door, there was my wife on her knees w/ her top off sucking Lou's cock. She loves to give head and really gets into it.

It makes her pussy so wet. I just sat down and watched the two of them go at it. Lou ate her pussy before fucking her doggie style. She called me over and began to suck my cock as Lou pounded her from behind. He pulled out and came all over her back after about 10 minutes. We switched places and she began to lick his cum dripping dick as I fucked her.

The site of my sexy wife w/ Lou's cock in her mouth was to much for me and I came in her soaked pussy. We spent the rest of the evening fucking my wife in every position thinkable. Over the next 3 days she got all the double pleasure that she could ever want. Wow, we can't wait for our next cruise. We have several pics from that evening and want to post one of em on here. This one is of Lou on top of my wife as he was about to make her cum hard! - Chuck

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