My Wife & Her Boss


My Wife & Her Boss - This is a story about the brief affair Marie (my wife) had with her first boss 5+ years ago. This was the first time he had my future wife:

I went to their office at the end of a day the week following their first flirtation to explain that she was free to play, but that people she worked with were off-limits in our agreement. But, as you can see by her photo a few years later, she was too cute and too fun for him to abstain.

A few weeks later, they had a big project that had her office working overtime. The second day, they wound up working until after dark, so when the team closed up, they all quickly hopped in their cars and drove off while her boss locked the door. In retrospect, we figured out that he knew Marie rode a bike to work (we lived less than a mile away) and that, once again, he had purposefully engineered the project to create this opportunity.

As she struggled with her combination lock in the darkened parking lot, he drove up beside her and gallantly offered to give her a ride home. She was uncomfortable about being alone in the dark after a guy had slapped her butt on the way home during the daytime a week or so earlier. Now that I'm telling this story for the first time, it occurs to me that he had probably overheard her telling the girls who worked for her about the butt-patter.

She accepted, so he put the bike in his trunk and walked around with her to open her door. She got in, but he didn't close the door. He just stood there looking at her.

To her unspoken question, he responded, "You are so beautiful and so sexy. I'm working on it, but I am having a hard time forcing myself to resist." With that, he leaned in quickly to kiss her gently and tentatively on the lips.

"Don't. What if the employees saw that?"

"They've all gone. We're alone here." He leaned down and kissed her again, then, feeling that she was suddenly hot and responsive, said, "No one will see as we're in the back seat with the doors closed."

The illicitness of the moment was too delicious, and she hadn't yet gotten enough of this handsome, confidant, Eastern-European man. His attraction to her still had her turned on. "OK, but drive over to the end of the parking lot so people won't see the car from the street." Those were the last words spoken; they both knew what was going to happen.

He drove quickly to the bottom of the lot. They both got out and got into the back seat together so fast that both front doors and both rear doors were opened and closed in almost a single motion. They were immediately all over each other. Locked in a passionate embrace, tongues playing in each other's mouth, they ran their hands all over the other's body.

He reached under her sweater to cup her breast, then behind her to unsnap her bra. When he brought his palm around to her now-naked breast, she said her nipples were so hard they ached for his touch and she instantly was as hot as she had been the first night he seduced her.

After a few minutes of fondling and kissing her, he kissed her breasts and nibbled her nubs gently with his lips stretched over his teeth. She thinks she may have orgasmed right then, but she says she was so excited that she thought she might have had a low-level, continuous orgasm until after he brought her home. As he stimulated her with his mouth, she had removed her sweater and bra and was now topless.

She had been rubbing his cock through his suit pants, but while kissing and caressing her breasts, he had used one hand to unbutton his shirt and loosen his suit pants. As he sat back up on the seat to kiss her lips, his hard cock bounced in his lap.

She said that his cock, somewhat shorter and much thinner than mine, was the perfect size for her smaller mouth. She grabbed it and wanked him slowly while they kissed, still hungrily tonguing each other's mouths. Now, you need to know that nothing turns this lady on more than sucking a cock. Nothing.

She broke their kiss and immediately leaned down to take the head in her lips while licking the bottom of his shaft. With one hand, she cradled his balls. The other hand was busy removing her hose and panties. Then she pleasured herself while making love to the erection in her mouth.

By now, he had removed his tie and striped off above the waist. Sensing that he was close to coming, Marie felt an urgent need between her legs. She lay back on the seat, naked but for the skirt bunched around her waist, and she spread her legs in an obvious invitation that she needed to be mounted.

He waited for a moment, savoring the vision before him. I imagine that he still wanks to that memory all these years later: a smiling, beautiful, trim babe with perky breasts and a trim pussy open and wet just for him.

He moved over her, bracing himself on his outstretched arms so that he could look in her eyes as he slowly inserted himself into her. She couldn't take the tension, and immediately wrapped her arms and legs around him to pull him completely onto and in her. She said she had a big orgasm as he bottomed out in her and their pubic bones touched.

He tried to last longer, but was done in about a minute. She was still hot, so she pushed him back and with a few minutes of applying her oral talents, sucked him back to life. She mounted him cowgirl style and road him vigorously for several minutes. When she slowed down, he picked her up and laid her on her back without unplugging. This time, he pounded her like a bull. She managed to have another small high before he unloaded in her for the second time in 15 minutes.

She cleaned his cock off with her mouth. Without a word, they got dressed, got in the front seat and he drove her the five-minute trip home. They got her bike out of the trunk, and he got in the car and started it back up.

She stood outside his opened car window, and said, "You know that that's never going to happen again, don't you?"

"I know. The next time it will be in your bed."

That was Marie's first encounter and in my opinion her hottest! I am giving you a picture of her with me and another guy (this is a few years later now) that we met at a local sports bar while watching the Super-Bowl. I hope your readers will enjoy her story. - Kevin

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