My First Other Man


My First Other Man - I had my first erotic massage last year at the age of thirty-six. After several years of marriage, my husband started teasing me about bringing another person into our sex lives. The subject kind of became a joke between us and generally was about adding another woman to the mix. I told him if that were to ever happen, it would have to be a total stranger and someone we would never see or have contact with again. On our tenth wedding anniversary, we took a cruise to Alaska. During lunch he could hardly contain himself. He was like a little boy about to divulge a secret. Finally, he couldn't contain himself. He said he had a surprise in the room for me. He was so excited, I knew if I pried, he'd break down and tell me. He told me he'd found a stranger for us. My initial response was disappointment. But he was so giddy, I thought he was pulling a joke on me or just trying to get me to the room to give me a present. I decided to go along with the joke and just before we got to our cabin, I stopped in the passageway, took my panties off and threw them at him. He opened the door for me and I walked in to see a attractive man in his mid forties or early fifties.

My husband introduced us and said they had met the night before and started talking about fantasies. Well, before I knew it, I was a very willing party in my husbands secret fantasy. There would be no intercourse but the stranger was to otherwise obey my wishes. I stripped off my clothes, layed on the bed and this stranger gave me a wonderful massage. After a few minutes, I was very stimulated and my husband was rubbing himself through his slacks. I told the stranger he was free to touch me anywhere he'd like. He rubbed my feet, back and legs for quite awhile before moving my legs apart and gently rubbing my clitoris. I turned over on my back, opened my legs and he softly brought me to orgasm with his hand. My husband got so excited watching he masterbated himself to climax. My husband and I agreed I should give the man a hand job. But he declined, admitting he had come in his pants during the massage. He left and we never saw again. We've done it four times since and I love it. But I do think it's about time we find one to go all the way with. I hope your blog readers will like my picture taken by my husband around the same time. - Laura


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