Wife Tells Me 2 Years Later!

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Wife Tells Me 2 Years Later! - Christmas party 1997, SCOTT paper mill. My wife and a co-worker went to the party together as “friends” because he was 19 with no date and she, being married, offered to have him be her escort for the evening as a favor to him. This picture is from that night while she was getting ready. At 5’9 and a former college athlete she asked him to silence the ribbing he was receiving from his older co-workers. She worked in the accounting office, and it was no secret that she was the object of more than a few hopeless fantasies out in the mill.

Party, a few dances, no slow songs together, all innocent and then the party ends. SHE drives him back to his place because he is underage and a bit drunk. He is “tipsy” so she follows him to the door and unlocks it for him, lets him in turns on the lights and asks him if he can make it the rest of the way, says goodnight, and he turns to hug her, she reciprocates. He kisses her neck, she pauses, he kisses her ear she purrs and says “hey what are you doing?” “Kissing the most beautiful woman I will ever kiss in my life”. (As she told it)

A few light kisses at first, then full on French kissing. She admitted that she was getting wet right then and there, but just wanted to get home and wait for me. “But it was 11:30, and you wouldn’t be back until 2:30 or so, so I thought what the hell, I’m turned on I’ll just make out with this kid for a little bit, make his year then leave. They fumble to the couch; he slowly makes his way down to her pussy with his kisses, opening her blouse on the way. “I wanted to stop, but I was turned on, he was doing a good job, and I realized I wanted him to lick my pussy.” She added: “I thought, ok if he’s good and I think I can cum I’ll let him keep going…” She let him. She said she came in about 8-10 minutes.

She came hard, and he lapped it all up. She said she couldn’t just leave him like that; he’d never keep quiet…so she made him a deal that if she stroked him off he would keep quiet, or she would make his life hell at the Mill as a “Liar”. She stroked, needed some “lube” so she spit on the head of his dick, stoked some more but it was taking too long so she began licking, then really sucking. She got turned on again, straddled him, and eased down slowly and told him to warn her when he was about to cum. Then “fucked him pretty hard for maybe five min.” “He forgot to warn me, but I felt him tense up, so I pulled off and he was going to shoot onto by blouse, hair and I thought fuck!...and quickly sucked him off into my mouth.”

“He had no taste to me at all, but I could feel how full my mouth was getting, I couldn’t keep it all or spit, so I began swallowing. He kept Cumming, Jesus I thought it was like he was pissing he kept pumping it for so long.” “He grabbed the back of my head, yelling out OH, OH God (Name).” “I was out the door 20 min later. As fucked up as it all was, I must admit I was still a little turned on the drive home”. And she did fuck the hell out of me that night, repeatedly. I didn’t find out until two years latter when I read her account of the event in the back of a notebook of recipes. I’ll hand it to the kid; he never spilled the beans while he worked there. When he finally did, no one believed him. I even confronted him one night, he backed down, said he was sorry for “lying about my wife” to keep from getting a beating. He was tall, thin, not ugly but “goofy”. I remember feeling sorry for him that night. A year later I read where my wife had “fucked him pretty hard” before swallowing his load. She SWEARS it was just a “mercy fuck”. Nice one though and a heck of a turn-on. - Acker


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