My Husband Wants Me To Flirt ... & More

My Husband Wants Me To Flirt ... & More

My Husband Wants Me To Flirt ... & More - Hi this is my first time posting on any website so be kind. I have included a picture of myself as well as you requested. I have been married for 11yrs to a very loving hubby but lately he has been asking me for some different things. Mainly to go out with him to a bar wearing a very short skirt and getting a little drunk and him watching me flirt with another guy. I have never been with another man sexually and he knows this. Over the years he has mentioned how much he would enjoy watching me with another man but I have always told him he is enough for me.

About 2 weeks ago he bought me 2 mini skirts and asked if I would wear one and like to go out with him. I wanted a nice night out so I did it. It was a short jean skirt and I wore this pair of black lace bikinis he likes. We went to a local bar and were having a good time. It became more crowded and a group of 4 young guys sat next to us and began talking to us. One of the guys was really cute and he flirted a lot with me. He asked my hubby to shoot pool with him but my hubby sugested that I shoot pool. Well we kept winning and the winners got free shots and got to keep playing. After 4 games and shots I was feeling good!!! My partner also got a lot more friendly and my hubby didn't say anything to him, he just watched.

It was time to leave and I went to the ladies room. When I was comming out this guy was waiting for me. He told me what a good time he had with me and gave me a kiss. I was a little surprised but kissed him back. We kissed for a while and I could feel his hand going up my skirt in the back. He was feeling my ass and I didn't know what to do. I was nervous but it felt good. I saw somebody comming and pulled away. He whispered that I should come back to the bar next week and meet him again.

Driving home I told my hubby what happened and he got very excited and we kissed as he was driving. I reached down and felt how hard he was and took out his cock and gave him a bj on the drive home. We got home and I could hardly wait to get inside. We had the best sex we have had in years. Hubby wants to go to the bar again this Friday and see what happens, I am to afraid to go back. - Janice

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