My Wife & My Brother-In-Law

My Wife & My Brother-In-Law

My Wife & My Brother-In-Law - About 2 years ago my wife's sister, who's 5 years younger than her, long blonde hair, huge tits, and a real sweet body, split with her husband because she was doing their son's coach. My brother-n-law stopped over and was telling us what had happened and got real choked up. He was looking down, when I motioned to my wife to console him and she walked over and gave him a hug.

My wife is slim with long blonde hair and big tits too. As she was giving him a hug rubbing his back I motioned to her to blow him or do something as I know he really felt immasculated. I'll never forget her staring at me as she started kissing his cheek and ear while her hands were roaming. I told my BnL that she would make him feel better and he started rubbing her ass. She broke her stare from me and began to french kiss him while rubbing his cock through his jeans. He was rubbing her tits over her shirt and she then took off her shirt and bra. She then undid his pants and pulled his cock out and started to suck him off. I ran for the camera as I wasn't about to let this opportunity go by! His cock was about 5 inches and he had big balls. My BnL lifted his head back as my wife worked his tool. She then stood up, grabbed him by his hand and said we'll be back. My BnL looked back at me and all I can do was give him a thumbs up. They went into our bedroom and I tip toed down the hall.

It didn't take long for them to be stripped to nothing and my wife was on her back with my BnL's face buried in her blonde bush. My wife's eyes were closed with her head thrashing back and forth and her hands running through his hair as he was sucking on her pussy. She then told him to "fuck me now" and he climbed on top of her and he began to fuck her hard. I could see his big balls slapping on her ass as he pumped away. My wife came so hard I thought she was going to wake the neighbors. Before she was done, my BnL thrusted into her deep and unloaded inside her before she could tell him to pull out as she was not on the pill (I'm fixed). When they got done, he rolled over and she went down on him again cleaning him up with her mouth. I then told him to go get a beer and that we would be right out. I Fucked the shit out of her making her cum again before I unloaded into her super slippery pussy. Her blonde pubes were matted with our spunk and she was drained. Afterwards he finished his beer and thanked us both saying he felt better. Although we've never brought it up again, I have to wonder if they ever hooked up again. - KJY


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