My Wife's First Time

My Wife's First Time

My Wife's First Time - My wife and I have fantasized for a long time while we are in bed making love. Often I'll find myself veering towards asking her if it turns her on to think about inviting another man into our bed. She usually shrugs me off. But one day, after about a year of this, she suggested watching her with two dicks in her pussy. I was floored! After some hesitation I accepted her proposal and I let two guys fuck my wife's pussy for the first time in her life. They're the first "other guys" in her pussy since our marriage in 2001. First they fucked her one by one and then they fucked her pussy together during the second round. I really enjoyed watching two dicks in her pussy. It's unbelievable watching your wife in a DP situation...

That same night I fucked her pussy together with one of the guys. It was great. Then I fucked her pussy again with the other guy. Since then I'd never fucked her alone. I always shared her pussy with one or many other men. I'll usually start off watching her fucking a guy and then I'll enter her wet pussy when the other guy was done. Sometimes I'll start fucking her pussy and then hold the other guy's dick in my hand and help him to penetrate her pussy inch by inch. It's a wonderful feeling when a hard dick is touching my dick in my wife's pussy.

Three weeks ago we tried another position. I helped two guys' dicks to enter her pussy together for a DP and then I fucked her mouth. We traded places until we all unloaded into her pussy or mouth. It's a kind of Russian roulette. Nobody knew where he'd unload his cum. Now the wife and I are considering a fourth person to be in her ass in addition to three dicks, possibly a black guy. I am in heaven having my shy wife do all these things. I couldn't ask for a better sex life than to be a cuckold husband who shares his wife and never gets her alone anymore. The intensity is too much sometimes but I'll never complain. Here is a picture from the first encounter we had with the two guys fucking her. - John

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