Wife & Her Dance Partner


Wife & Her Dance Partner - My wife can and does do what she wants when she wants it. The world would be very boring if we could only drink water. In fact we are deeply in love and our hearts belong to each other, but our bodies are all ours to do with as we please. Just last night my wife came home after the bars had closed.

I knew she had gone for a drink with a friend after we left a party. I figured the girls would have one and be home. So I took the kids home. When the wife finally got home I gave her some shit about it being one LONG drink. She countered back that she had been having fun dancing and teasing all night. Then her dance partner walked her to her car. They began petting and touching. She told me just wanted him badly. So she just bent over and sucked his dick until he came in her mouth. She was about to get into the car and go further when some people came by so she ended up coming home very frustrated. I was a bit mad as she had broken one rule have about keeping each other informed. I told my wife before we married that she was welcome to have an affair, but she didn't (we did have one 'set-up' encounter with another man though ... see picture).

Since then she's been assured that she may play if she wishes so long as friends and neighbours don't see her with other men. I also must be kept informed and really prefer to be part of it if possible. Don't really believe she's done anything so far except for last night. She did confide to a friend of hers that she probably would if the right guy came along. A few times I found her panties from a previous day and they seemed unusually well soiled (for lack of a better word) Makes me hornier than a three peckered jack rabbit. It turned into a very wildly passionate session. I sent her back out tonight. - Jack


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