Wife Makes Me Pay for Sex!


Wife Makes Me Pay for Sex! - Last night my wife wanted cash for the after-Xmas sales today. So she said she would have sex with me for $100. She wouldn't have sex with me for the last two months (since the other guys scenario) so I jumped at the chance.(even though I thought it was a little high) Now I worry I've set a precidence, she may want payment everytime we have sex. This may not be a bad thing, I might get a little more sex this way. But I am not a rich man, I'm not sure I can afford this. I saw on Dr. Phil a couple years ago a couple that paid for sex. It worked for them. He liked sex and she liked to shop. As I recall it was $25 for staight sex, $50 for sex and a little more and $500 for something "you don't even want to know about" she said. I ask you; Am I fool for doing this? Am I fool for staying in this marriage? Can I make this work or should I put my foot down and say "that was it, never again"? Attatched is her Pic. - Anon


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