Cuckold Man Comes Home to Cheating Wife


Cuckold Man Comes Home to Cheating Wife - I came home early from work one night and notice an unfamilar car at the front of my house. When I went to the front door I noticed the TV was on but all the lights were out. I looked through the small window in the door and saw my wife with her head in some guys lap. He had is cock out stroking it as she sucked all over his cock. I could tell by how he started to move and stroke that he was getting ready to cum. She put her mouth over the tip of his cock as he was cumming. This isn't the first time I caught my wife fucking around. When we were in the army I found out she was fucking some black guy when I went to the field. I have let her go out on dates and she would come back and tell me how she sucked them off. This is was the first time that i got to see her in action. - Jimmy


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