Wife’s First Bi and Black Adventure


Wife’s First Bi and Black Adventure -My husband and I enjoyed our first swinging adventure in New York City at a “on premise” club called “LaTrapeze”, where I was astonished as to the depths of my lust and sexual appetite. I was a “virgin” when I married my husband, and after 25 years of marriage, sexual matters began to become rather mundane between us. My husband began genuine efforts to spice up our love life by trying to convince me to consider swinging as a “recreational form” of sexual stimulation and release. Well, after our first swinging adventure, I was sexually supercharged and couldn’t get enough of my husband for several months afterwards, sometimes having sexual relations with him 3 and 4 times a day. On each lovemaking session, I (we) would relive the sequence of events during that first time, and we would almost consume each other with our sexual energies. Finally the time came that reliving the moment no longer held the same intensity for me…and I knew that I had to have more!!

I’m Bonnie and my husband, Dennis asked if I were interested in going to the “LaTrapeze” again because he was ready if I was. I really wasn’t interested in going back there as I was interested in something more on a personal level and not just getting involved with some strangers for a quick “roll in the hay”. We decided that we would place a telephone ad on a regional swingers service as I was still a little nervous about showing a photo of us in a conventional swingers publication. After screening out all of the individuals who were very pushy and were only interested in swinging on the first meeting, I really liked this one couple, Elton and Carmen. Right from the start, we hit it off in our phone conversations. They were very friendly and had a great sense of humor which Dennis and I both enjoyed. Still, Dennis and I both sensed that there was something that they were uncomfortable with and were unable to discuss it with us at that moment. After several more phone conversations, we asked them when were we all going to get together? After several long moments of silence, Elton asked how did we feel about meeting with people of other races? I was stunned.. I had never even thought about it before nor did it even enter into my mind that either or both of our telephone friends could be of another race other than Caucasian.

I looked at Dennis and he whispered to me “does it matter”? I didn’t even hesitate when I told Elton that I enjoyed the time we spent on the phone with each other and they both were very considerate and made me feel very comfortable so this little white southern girl from New Orleans couldn’t care less about the color of his or her skin as long as they treated me as a person and with respect. Dennis and I could hear the relief in their voices. Elton explained that he was part black but was very light skinned and Carmen told us that she was a Puerto Rican who just couldn’t ever get enough sex. We all laughed with that and agreed to meet the next weekend at a nice hotel bar in New Jersey for a few “get acquainted” drinks.

The next Saturday came and I was a nervous wreck. What to wear, too sexy, not sexy enough etc.. Dennis finally helped select an outfit that he said displayed my best assets… my creamy white 40D tits. I wore a medium length dress with a neckline that definitely would catch a man’s eye. We arrived at the hotel and had a drink and when Elton and Carmen were running 10 minutes late, I started to get cold feet and told Dennis why didn’t we finish our drinks and leave. As I said that, we both looked across the room to see a very attractive couple standing in the doorway of the hotel bar talking with each other and nodding in our direction. My legs started to get a little weak and my heart started to race as I watched this extremely attractive couple approach us and ask “Dennis & Bonnie”?? We both stood up and made the appropriate introductions and Dennis suggested that we get a booth in the rear where we could have some privacy and talk a little. As we walked to the booth, Dennis whispered what did I think of them. I asked why did he ask? “Because your nipples are as hard as bullets”, Dennis said and he was sure that Elton would be enjoying the view also. We talked for a while and we learned that Elton was a senior official in the Bronx courts system and Carmen was the chief administrator of a New Jersey hospital system.

Elton was about 5’10”, very light complexion (could have pasted for a Latin) with very broad shoulders, and a quick smile only matched by his humor and wit. Carmen was about my height, 5’3”, with 38D tits and a skin complexion that definitely had Dennis’ attention. Soon a band started playing and Dennis and I danced a slow number where we could discuss how I felt about them so far. We noted that Carmen and Elton had joined us on the dance floor and they too were talking and watching us very closely. I told Dennis that I liked them and found them attractive and he agreed as he eyed Carmen’s ass as she danced by us. After the dance was over, we returned to the booth where I felt what I thought was Dennis’ hand around my waist but it turned out to be Elton’s instead. My heart began to race and I became a little nervous and my eyes searched Dennis’ face for guidance when I heard Elton’s voice say, “let me get your chair for you, Bonnie”. Elton was a perfect gentleman as he pulled out the chair for me and helped me sit down. I wondered, “Did he get a good look at my tits?” as he was looking right down my cleavage as he helped me with my chair. Elton sat next to me on one side and Dennis sat on the other side of me but was talking with Carmen and really wasn’t concerned with me at the moment. Another slow song started and Carmen asked if I minded if she danced with Dennis. “No, go ahead”, I said as my heart almost leaped out of my chest at the thought of being alone with Elton. Elton took my hand into his as he asked me if I was nervous. I said I was a little as I was still relatively new to all of this. Elton explained that they were too, and only had a few swinging contacts. Elton suggested that we dance and I took a deep breath as we stepped onto the dance floor. I placed my hand on his chest and he held my other hand in his while encircling my waist with his other. I could feel my nipples really harden as I felt Elton gently pull me closer to his chest.

I looked over at Dennis and Carmen and noticed that they were laughing and talking while Carmen was rubbing his back as they danced. Dennis had his hand resting on Carmen’s nicely rounded ass cheeks. I swallowed hard as I felt Elton’s hand slip from my waist and lightly caress my ass ever so gently. My body betrayed me with a small orgasm from Elton’s touch but he ignored it. When the song ended, Elton released my hand as his hand dropped and brushed my inflamed nipple. It sent shock waves through my body. He walked me back to the booth and as I approached my chair his hand again gently caressed my ass. This time, Elton’s actions were noticed by Dennis and Carmen who just giggled and smiled. Carmen asked me if I would like to accompany her to the “ladies room” and I said, ”lets go”. I left the booth on shaky legs, and with a growing wetness in my panties. Carmen and I got a chance to talk without the guys being around and discussed things that we were curious about but didn’t want to talk about in front of the men. Upon returning to the table, it was apparent that the men too had eagerly utilized the time alone for some serious “man talk”. I asked Dennis to dance with me when the band played the next slow song. Carmen too told Elton that she also wanted to dance the next slow song with him. Both men seemed confused, but curious as to what we were up to. As the next slow song started, Dennis and I started to dance and the lights were dimmed on the dance floor. I reached around and squeezed his ass cheeks. He commented that I was getting a little “frisky”. “You think so”, I replied. I asked Dennis if he enjoyed playing with Carmen’s ass and he said “as much as Elton did playing with yours”.

I asked Dennis would he be upset if Elton “accidently brushed my nipple” while we were dancing. Dennis didn’t need to answer me as his throbbing erection was telling me all I had to know. I took Dennis’ hand and placed it on my tit, and he was extremely excited as he discovered that I had removed my bra in the ladies room. I went on to tell him that Carmen and I talked and that she told me that Elton really was excited by me and she was very attracted to him (Dennis). I also informed Dennis that while we were dancing he should know that I and Carmen had both removed our bras and panties while in the ladies room and that both of our panties were soaked. “What do you think of that”? Dennis couldn’t answer as the song ended and Carmen and I walked back to our booth grinning from ear to ear. While in the booth Dennis’ hands were all over my thighs trying to determine if I indeed was without panties. I finally gave in and opened my legs a little just enough so that he could affirm that I was pantyless and very wet! We noticed the same sort of frisky play going on with Elton and Carmen as they kissed and played hands under the table. I just had to get a quick feel of Dennis’ cock before the next dance as I gently wrapped my hand over his erection and caused him to jump ever so slightly. The next slow song started and before I could ask Dennis to dance, Elton grabbed my hand and said,”lets go dance Bonnie”. As Elton held me close in his arms as he whispered in my ear how hot Carmen and I made him by taking off our bras and panties in the ladies room. I smiled and looked at Carmen and Dennis who were now dancing only a few feet from us. Carmen returned my smile and gave me a big wink. On the darkened dance floor, Elton’s hand cupped my breast as his thumb and forefinger rolled my hardened nipple back and forth.

My body shuttered as his hand released my nipple and traveled down to my pantyless pussy. His hand slowly and gently rubbed my wet mound through the dress material as again my legs weakened as I fought to hold onto Elton for support. Both of his hands now encircled my shoulders. As my two hands, acting as though they had a mind of their own, gently rubbed and caressed Elton’s erection in his slacks. A moan escaped my lips as I felt the size of his cock and he whispered that it felt good…my hand touching him. I looked over at Dennis and Carmen and they too were exploring each other as Elton and I were, but they were also watching us at the same time.

We said that it was time for us to leave but Carmen asked us to follow them to their home for a nightcap. We agreed and followed them to a nice upscale neighborhood and beautiful home on a deadend street. Once inside, Carmen gave me a tour of the house while the guys went down to the wet bar in the basement to mix the drinks. When Carmen and I met the guys in the basement, there was soft music playing, and scented candles burning, giving the basement a very sensual atmosphere. Dennis and I sat on a small sofa facing Carmen while she sat on Elton’s lap as he reclined in a large overstuffed chair.

Dennis and I were passionately kissing each other while our hands were all over each other, when we were intrigued by some rather low moans coming from Carmen. We looked over in their direction and saw that Carmen’s tits were out of her blouse and Elton was busily feasting on them, as his fingers were steadily thrusting in and out of Carmen’s overly wet and noisy pussy. I gasped as I felt Dennis’ fingers slowly start to enter my pulsating pussy. He told me to lower my shoulder straps of my dress and take out my tits so that he could suck on my nipples. The room echoed with Carmen and my moans and the sounds of our extremely wet pussies being finger fucked by our husbands. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the wonderful sensations when suddenly I felt Dennis pulling his fingers out of my pussy and different fingers entering my wet tunnel. I opened my eyes to see Elton kneeing in front of me rapidly fucking my wet pussy with his fat fingers and hungrily sucking on my hardened pink nipples.

As my first intense climax swept over me, I saw Dennis busily fingering Carmen’s sopping pussy with his fingers and occasionally tasting her juices that coated his hand. Dennis’ lips were sucking hard on Carmen’s nipples as she screamed to the arrival of her climax. I continued to enjoy the wonderful sensations that Elton was giving me, when I heard Carmen call out to Elton to look at what she was doing. Elton turned to look and saw Carmen as she had Dennis’ slacks down around his legs and was slowly stroking my husband’s rigid cock with one hand while caressing his balls with her other hand. I sat there transfixed on the scene before me, with my legs spread and my pussy dripping from Elton’s wonderful efforts, and my nipples hard and tingling. I felt Elton place my hand on something very hot and throbbing only to look and see his huge black cock only inches from my face. I was in a trance as I stroked Elton’s thick cock and fondled his heavy balls as I watched Carmen rapidly stroke Dennis’ cock. I heard Dennis cry out “oh no” and saw him start to shoot his sperm all over Carmen’s tits as she continued to stroke his cock, slowing down somewhat. I could see Dennis’ cum as it glistened on Carmen’s tits as she slowly rubbed his cum all over her tits. She took her fingers to her mouth and tasted my husband’s cum and smacked her lips as if to approve.

I was totally surprised when Elton’s cock twitched in my hand and the first stream of his cum hit me on my cheek, right below my eye. I moved it downward where the rest of his cum covered my nipples and quivering pale tits. The quantity of Elton’s cum was unbelievable! My tits were absolutely covered with his sperm. I wondered how his cock would feel in my pussy when it would explode like that. My fingers went to my mouth to taste his tangy sperm while my other hand spread his cum on my nipples and tits. We all agreed to meet again and take this to the next level…. I couldn’t wait!!


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