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Cuckold Man gives Wife a Professional Massage - I started out by having a legit masseuse come to the house and give her a real massage as a present. She was naked but covered with a sheet. He was very professional and only pulled the sheet back far enough to do his job, nothing out of line. Then I started looking for local guys that knew how to give a real massage but take it a little further with my directing. The first guy pulled the sheet back so her butt was exposed and he massaged it giving both he and I a good view. He also massaged her upper legs in such a way that that she was getting her horny. When he left she was very wet and ready. He turned out to be a smoker and the smell of smoke on him was too strong so I started looking for another guy. The next guy started the massage with the sheet on her while she was laying on her stomach and shortly into the massage he tossed the sheet on the floor. I thought she might ask for it back but she didn't When he finished her back side and told her to turn over I knew she would ask for the sheet back but again she didn't to my great pleasure. He continued the massage and worked his way to her boobs which also was a first and she didn't say a word. He did take it to fast by trying to stick his finger in her pussy while she was on her stomach for the second time and we both were rubbing her. That got a negative response from her but I told her I did it. I decided that this guy wanted to take things faster then I knew she would go for so I have found another guy that says he will take it at the pace we decide on. This massage is coming up next week. My wife knows that I would love to watch her with another guy and that I love watching an others guys hands on her. I keep telling her about dreams I have of watching her with another guy and how much it turns me on. I know I have to take small steps to get her there but I think I am getting close. This pic is obviously not of her but of what we fantasize about. - Larry

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