Cheating Wife's Pics


Hubby finds Cheating Wife's Pics! - 2 years ago when we were moving i was cleaning up my wife's stuff and found a hidden drawer on the back side of her deep underwear drawer. I found tons of stuff over there including mini dv video tapes, pictures, cds and letters. Needless to say I i checked out all that stuff and was totally in shock to what i found out. Some of the stuff dated 10 years back. The video tapes were mostly sex tapes with her ex boy friends. One tape was with an unknown girl. Another tape was with three guys banging her while she looked totally drunk. The pics were her self taken nude pics and pics taken by other people naked. Some pics were of her body painting naked and walking on the streets. Other pics were of some other people naked or having sex. I didnt recognize anybody. The letters were written by her ex boy friends and one of her ex boss who I only know by name. I most shocking thing i found was that one sex video that was not dated had a reference to me. I never confronted my wife about all that stuff. She is pretty open with me in the sex matters also but not even half as much as she is in the tapes. I would love if she would do all the stuff that is in the tapes with me but dont wanna freak her out by telling her that i know... - Jon


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