My Wife Cuckolds Me ...


My Wife Cuckolds Me - I just found out my wife has been cuckolding me and I love it!! According to this bartender at a place she used to work at, she would get very wild on occasion after the bar closed, as in all bars the personel drinks as well during the evening. A few things he told me was that she sucked of a guy in the mens room after closing, he said he kew this for a fact, also that a former employee felt her up at the bar. The most shocking thing was that he had heard (he admitted that it may could only be a rumor) once the boss and 3 of his friends gangbanged her after closing. She did all this while we were engaged! Now I have to find a way to tell her I know about it, and make her continue.... She is on the left beside her girlfriend. - Hubby


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