Wanted: Single Male to Fuck my Wife


Wanted: Single Male to Fuck my Wife - You would think that "please fuck my wife" would bring men in droves. But it turns out to be quite difficult.

But of course, we are being picky We want someone we can be friends with, so you should share some of our interests, especially her passionate interest in movies. You should be thoughtful and intelligent, so no Republicans My wife has gradually admitted to really liking big cock, so being well-endowed, while not a requirement, would be a big plus, so to speak I also would like him to have a cock that is at least bigger than mine, so that he can please her in ways that I cannot. I really enjoy thinking about your cock reaching places inside her that I cannot, and streaching her more than I could, so that she actually prefers your cock to my penis.

We would like a dominant man. But not so much someone into the formal BDSM culture with the "Sir" and the contracts stuff. Rather, a guy who really enjoys cuckolding. You should take particular pleasure in fucking another man's wife. I particularly enjoy being denied the pleasure of her pussy, and I enjoy it more if I know that you and her are enjoying denying it to me. You should be in the Portland Oregon area. I enjoy being denied pussy, and she enjoys intercourse a lot. So we won't both be happy until there is a man in our life who can fuck her often enough that I can be cut off for a time while she continues getting the fucking she loves.

Big bonus points if you enjoy the idea of preventing me from fucking my own wife. Finally, you should be vasectomy-safe. Accidents are not fun, and she cannot take the pill. I have never had a cream pie, and I think I would like it. More importantly, I would really like the mental power exchange of you get to have her bareback, while I only get to use condoms.

Naturally, HIV tests will be exchanged before any barebacking happens. esting e-mail exchanges with some men who seemed to fit the bill, but follow-through hasn't happened. We would still like to hear from some of those guys, and of couse would li We have had some interke to hear from new men who fit the above description and find it exciting.

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