Wife Tells her Story


Wife Tells her Story - Hi, my name is Cheryl and you have read a lot about me from my husband Jerry who is among the world's best husbands and one who loves to watch me with different men. However, he always tells the story from his perspective and what he is seeing. I enjoy the stories, but thought it was time to tell you what I am feeling as well as what he is seeing.

Last night we had an opportunity to meet a new male partner for me through the Cuckold board and after lots of messages, phone calls etc.. His name is Bill and he is a buff 45 year old body builder who lives on his yacht down in Clearwater. Since Jerry had talked to him also and met him in person we thought it would be safe to invite him to our house and last night he came for dinner. ( I think I was the dessert, but I am getting ahead of myself ).We had prime rib and a nice bottle of wine which loosened me up, but seemed to have no effect on Bill at all.

Then after dinner Jerry did the dishes while Bill and I sat on the couch and got to know each other better.We sat close together and pretended to watch a movie XXX that was playing on the TV, but all the time we wanted to get it on. Bill began by unbuttoning my blouse causing my breasts to fall out. No, I didn't wear a bra as it was just going to come off anyway. Then, as I pulled down his zipper and reached into his pants I found that he was ready to go. His dick popped out in my hand and it must have been 8 or more inches long and at least 3 inches in diameter. I gasped, not so much at the length, but at the girth of the monster.

We continued undressing each other until my skirt was off, my panties down and wearing only a pair of socks. Well, a girl has to have something on doesn't she? Now, Bill had pulled his shirt up over his head and I was busy working his pants down to his ankles.Jerry was still in the kitchen and I could hear him banging the pots and pans around as he was hurrying to get into the room to watch. When Bill and I were both naked, he leaned me back onto the couch on my back, pulled my legs up over his broad shoulders and began to rub the head of his dick against my vagina. "Wait, a minute, slow down ", I said "let's take our time". It wasn't that I was still dry as I was leaking vaginal juice all over the couch cover waiting for that big dong of his.

I just wanted a little more foreplay and wanted Jerry in the room to see all of this.We slowed down and Bill began to spread my labia wide open and then started to lick up and down and side to side until I thought I would cum right then, and each time I was on the edge, he would move back and suck on my boobs letting the fire go down a little, but not much. This man was no beginner that's for sure as he had me ready to jump his bones without any more waiting when I caught Jerry out of the corner of my eye come into the room and sit on the love seat so he could get a better view.Now Bill lifted me up and laid me on the carpet and we moved into a 69 position where I could get a least the head of his dick in my mouth and he could stick his long tongue into me and tongue fuck me with it.

I don't know how long his tongue was, but I came on his tongue in less than a minute and while I was moaning and shaking from the strength of the orgasm, I began to deep throat that monster dick until I had his pubic hair hitting me on the chin and I could feel the head of him in my throat. I didn't give a thought to how sore my mouth was going to be in the morning as I wanted to swallow all of his cum deep in my throat and see how much he had to shoot.Bill pumped in and out gently so I could get used to the size and when I started to suck, lick and bob my head up and down he shot a load of hot cum deep into my mouth, and while I swallowed most of it, Jerry was quick with a towel to wipe my mouth and clean up my chest and tits.You would think the Bill would need to rest awhile after that, but he was insatiable.

He got me up on my hands and knees and began to lick my pussy until I swear he had my vulva all the way in his mouth and he was licking and sucking until I could feel another orgasm coming on. Before I could get another orgasm even as close to cumming as I was, I felt that big dick slowly inserting itself into my pussy from behind and I had to lean on the coffee table to keep from going down on my face as the size of him was amazing! He slowly sank all 8 or 9 inches into me while taking his left hand and holding my labia wide open so that he could see it going in and to let Jerry come over and get a look as well.

When Bill was in to his balls he began to pump away until I actually cried out, "harder, faster, damn it give it all to me." Not that he needed any encouragement as he pumped away until I could feel my second orgasm coming and I used my kegel muscles to milk him dry as he shot a second load into me at the same time and we both sank to the carpet to get our breath back.Jerry was sitting on the couch now stroking his penis and wondering if I had any strength left to take him as well. With a little rest, ( not much really ) I gave some good head to Jerry and he too shot his smaller load in my mouth and I was able to swallow all of it.This got Bill hot again and we fucked like rabbits for what seemed like hours until my pussy was getting sore and he was losing some endurance.

I think he just wanted to see how many times he could get me off. I stopped counting after 5, but it must have been more.Bill got dressed, thanked me for a great dinner and a super dessert. Then he invited me to visit him on his yacht tonight but didn't mention Jerry. Now we always swing together, but Jerry has a meeting tonight and he says that we now know that Bill isn't going to hurt me, so I think I may go and see.

Until next time.



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