Reverse Cuckolding


Reverse Cuckolding move makes Wife put Him in his Place - I truly thought that all of the stories on websites like THIS were made-up, and that I had little chance of actually experiencing a real-life fantasy, but I decided to try it anyway. GLAD I did. My wife and I have had a nearly non-existant sex life since our son was born 3 years ago. She simply hasn't been able to get out of "mom" mode and relax enough to enjoy it, but she felt she had to satisfy me. After a while this became self-defeating and she wanted nothing to do with sex. I eventually started looking for another sex partner after my wife told me that if I had a sexual outlet away from home that she would feel less pressured and it would actually be good for our relationship. The first time I met with a woman it didn't work out, but when I got back my wife was so excited by the idea that I was having a casual fuck that she wanted to have sex. The next week I signed up for AFF as a married man looking for a woman and said that if I met a couple my wife would likely want to meet them.

I found a couple in a nearby town, chatted with them a few times, and arranged to meet. We went to their house, talked for a few minutes, and started fooling around. Pretty soon my wife (who was just there to meet the others remember) was naked on the bed with myself and the other woman licking her breasts and the other guy licking her pussy. When faced with a situation that was so overwelmingly sexual my wife was able to let go of all her distractions and her sex drive kicked in. In the three encounters since then my wife has fucked the other man A NUMBER OF TIMES while I only got to watch, licked the other woman's pussy, done a titty-sucking 69 with the other woman while getting fucked (by him again!), allowed me to photograph her getting banged by him, let him fuck her in front of the web cam, and tried more new positions than I can keep track of. Plus I am getting more sex from her between the group sessions than I have had in years. On top of that the other woman is a dynamo in bed and wants me to fuck her hard and long, any which way I want to but I will need my wife's permission - guess I am a cuckold now and didn't even see it cumming. It may take some time to sort through the profiles to find the right people to contact, and you can't just sit back and wait for others to contact you, but I can certainly say that it does work. I've played out every fantasy I had, and get to do every new one I can think of. Whoohoo. - Dave


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