Turned on by my Cheating Girlfriend


Turned on by my Cheating Girlfriend - My girlfriend Abbie (see attached picture) went to a wedding party last September at a local bar the night before the big event. It was just a group of mutual friends celebrating with each other, but only the groom was present. The bride to be was not there. The groom to be was an ex-boyfriend of Abbie’s older sister, a guy that I’d met previously and that she’d become friends with over the last few years.

Abbie was dressed nicely, not slutty, in a skirt & nice blouse. Turns out, after a few hours of drinking the groom had his hand up Abbie’s skirt and had been rubbing her pussy & clit through her panties for quite some time while standing behind her at the bar. He then whispered in her ear and asked if she wanted to go outside with him.

Neither one of them smoked so she knew exactly what he wanted. When they got outside by his car he kissed her passionately while he slid her thong panties down just enough so he could get at her pussy. She told me later that he slid his cock into her right there in the dark parking lot, standing between the two cars. She said it felt so good and that he was a little larger than I was. He fucked her from the front and then turned her around to fuck her from behind.

She said he fucked her nice and hard for a good ten minutes. Afterwards, they tried to slip back into the bar hoping that no one had noticed.

She headed directly to the women’s room to collect herself and to make it seem as though they hadn’t come back in together. From there she sent me a text message telling me what had just happened. My cock got instantly hard when I got the message on my cell. A short time later she texted me and asked if I cared if she went back to his place after bar close.

I told her to go ahead and to have fun. She sent me one last message when she was on her way there for “Round 2” as she called it.

I was so excited. I love waiting for her to get home from dates because we have great sex afterwards. This one was especially naughty because it was with the groom the day before his wedding, in his marital bed to be. She told me later that his cock was long, about eight inches, but not overly thick. They went on to fuck in four or five different positions.

She said he was her only date (since we’ve been together) that had made her cum. When she got home I went down on her, as usual, but to my surprise tasted nothing. She had taken him bareback but he didn’t cum inside of her and she said she was too sore to let me fuck her. I guess he fucked her extremely hard at one point and he was a bit larger than me.

All I could do was lick her swollen pussy and clit. She wouldn’t let me have sex with her as usual and I had to wait a few days. I felt a little jealousy & a humiliation and went to sleep very horny. She went to the wedding the next day but hasn’t seen the groom since. I'm sorry I couldn't send more pictures like most do on your blog but she'd kill me if I showed her face online. - Mitch


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