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Interracial Hot Wife Cuckolding - This was the best weekend I have ever had...

My wife and I made arrangments for her and her lover to meet us at a resort for the weekend. My wife is a beautiful redhead woman with perky tits and the nicest ass on a 40 yr old you have ever seen. We arrived Friday evening with her dressed to kill wearing her hair up with her diamond earrings and necklace her favorite short black dress (low cut) black thigh highs and 3 inch heels.

I wanted to make love to her so bad but I know my place during her weekends with her lovers. Troy is my favorite of her black lovers because of his athletic build and Business attitude. He looked great that evening as well dressed in slacks with a blazer. During Dinner the two couldn't keep their eyes off one another and flirted throughout with slight touching that drove me crazy. When we got to the room he took her in his arms and passionatly kissed and felt her up.

This was beautiful. I opened the wine and poured for them as I sat in my chair and watched her become his for the weekend. He is such a wonderful lover and so attentive to he needs for a 25 yr old. He told her to get undressed and she took everything off for him including her jewelry (which was odd but then) and then he asked her to wear a blindfold. I forgot that Troy sometimes like this as he likes to tell me what to do without her knowing so she can stay focused on his cock. She then took as much of his large and fat bbc in her mouth as she could and for the first time she acted so addicted to it.

I was amazed. He responded by asking her to 69 with him, she did and god was that hot. He told me to come over and take his large and total erect bbc in my hand and insert it inside her. She smiled without being able to see my reaction but she knew, as I agreed. I've never done that before and as I reached for it he said suck it and make sure its totally wet for her.

I'm not gay but I couldn't say no as I felt his power of us and the controlling man he is take charge and put me in my place. My god it was so good to feel what my wife has been fucking in my mouth and to see him and her looking at me as I hungrily took him in. My wife asked to watch but he told her to keep the blindfold on and she did as she was told. She just wanted his cock again is all and I finally understood.

He pulled out and again told me to put it in her ... she on her back moaned like never before as I inched it inside her and watched as it slowly stroke by stroke disappeared inside my wife's pussy.

He took her everyway I could possibly dream of but he finished his first nut by having her on her belly and him on top of her pinning her to the bed her legs upward and her hands clutching tighly to the sheets and all 9 inches roughly gave my wife what she so desirves. He fucked for 5 mins or so like this and that's when we all came. He stayed on top of her as her head turned and they kissed deeply for several mins and he then told me to clean her up which I was delighted to do. I licked and sucked her like never before.

What a weekend it was and this went on until last night when we all left. Finally on Sunday he took her ass and that so great to see her totally submit to him on her belly again. He is so smooth and sexy and she was fantastic in bed last night as she fucked me so hard. Next month she is inviting Troy up again and I'm looking forward to it. Will have pics after that weekend too but just wanted you guys to know that are NOT Cucks ... YOU ARE MISSING OUT!!! - Brandon


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