First Time Cuckold Experience

first time

First Time Cuckold Experience - Everybody remembers the first time they had intercourse and everybody remembers their first cuckolding experience. We had a slow start meeting several males online for drinks, dinner and conversation and engaging in "what if?" mental exercises. My wife did not feel the chemistry was right for us before meeting the first few guys with whom we were going to play with. We enjoyed meeting the earlier guys but we were not ready to commit to an encounter.

After exchanging a few e-mails and pictures with the husband of an experienced couple and the wives talking on the phone, my wife decided we would meet them for margaritas at a Mexican restaurant. It wasn't exactly what I was hoping for but if my wife liked the guy and was going to let him perhaps fuck her then I was willing to do it in any style necessary. I could tell from my wife's excitement and anticipation getting dressed and ready to join them for drinks that she intended to have her/our first full encounter with another man short of discovering they were axe murders. We had prearranged a secret signal to each other if the evening was a "go" and we wanted to be intimate with them and they seemed interested in us. They invited us to continue our conversation and have another drink with them at their home. We traded partners for the ride to their home in separate cars. While riding with the other wife my mind raced with the possibilities of what was going on with my own. Once there, our hosts made more margaritas and we continued talking with an adult movie, Emmanuelle, showing on the TV as background.

The couple excused themselves and returned wearing something "comfortable" and revealing. The wife sat next to me on the sofa and began by putting her hand on my thigh. Her husband sat with my wife in an oversize arm chair with his arm around her and they began kissing as he removed her bra. I began kissing and caressing his wife but kept most of my attention on my wife with him. Before things got too far along they told us they enjoyed giving massages and my wife took them up on their offer and finished removing her clothes and lay face down on a blanket. My job was to read certain instructions as both of them rubbed warm massage oil on her skin. This continued for several minutes with the husband ending up rubbing my wifeís inner thighs and touching her gently between her legs. Finding her receptive to his touching they ended the massage and suggested a tour of their home which to no oneís surprise ended up in their guest bedroom complete with a king size bed.

My wife was the first one in bed and the husband removed his clothes and joined her. His wife stepped out of her teddy and got in next to her husband and I removed my clothes and joined in. For the next two hours we had sex together. I was very nervous. Sensing my nervousness, the wife went down on me and then mounted my erection cowboy style. She sensed that I wanted to watch my wife badly and allowed for that with this position. Like this, we both watched my wife receiving pleasure from her husband and we had our first orgasms in this position.

After that we sat on chairs and enjoyed watching her husband and my wife together. Her first orgasm was oral and she sat up in bed and then went down on him. It was weird but also exciting seeing her with another manís cock in her mouth for the first time. I noticed he was better endowed than I am. My wife was less inhibited and is multiorgasmic. She and the husband engaged in intercourse multiple times in multiple positions. She seemed insatiable, something I rarely see in her.

I found it terribly exciting watching them together as she moaned and cried out each time he made her cum. I lost count of the number. Part of the time I held her hand as she was having intercourse and at one point I kissed her passionately as she was experiencing yet another wave of great pleasure from her lover. That seemed to make it even more of a shared experience for us as a couple. Needless to say it was a very memorable evening for us and started us on a quest for more cuckold experiences and pleasures. We are now talking with several men and plan on meeting one of them very soon. Enjoy the picture of my wife. I am not the only man to see her from that angle anymore! - Douglas


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