Wife Cheats in a Hotel Room


Wife Cheats in a Hotel Room - My wife went out last night with her latest lover Jim. She called me late last night to tell me she was spending the night with him in a hotel not far from our house. She said she would call me when she wanted me to pick her up but it wouldn't be until early morning.

I had a hard time sleeping knowing she was out getting fucked and wondering exactly what they were doing. She called me about 9:00 this morning and told me Jim had left and that I should come to the hotel and pick her up. She said she was in room 212 and that she also had a lot to tell of what they did last night.

I got to the hotel fast and when I went into the room she was still naked and waiting for me. She told me she wanted me to clean her up before we left and that Jim had cum in her this morning. Then she told me to lie on the bed she wanted to force me to eat her. when I got undressed and laid down on the bed she tied my hands and legs to the bed she said it was a game Jim showed her last night.

After I was tied down she put a video in showing her fucking Jim and another guy I didn't know. While I was watching it she got dressed and told me to get nice and horny - she would be back in a little bit. She left me lying on the bed naked and watching the movie.

After about a half hour she came back in the room with Jim and he looked at me and laughed. Sue told him it was easy getting him setup like this. Then they both got undressed and Sue knelt above my face she started jacking me off and I came almost right away. Then Jim said now you can watch nice and close as a real man fucks your wife. They went onto the sofa and he got behind her and slid his cock in her pussy while I watched from the bed.

After fucking her and seeing her orgasm over and over again they untied me and told me to sit on the couch and watch. Then sue told me to eat her while Jim fucked her. I was eating her and his balls kept hitting my nose. Sue was moaning and telling Jim oh baby yes fuck me hard give it to me baby show my hubby what a real man can do , show him how to fuck a woman. This went on for what seemed like an hour but it was about 15 or 20 mins. In that time Jim commended that I take a picture to "remember" what it is like to have a real stud bang Sue. He told me not to include his face and to jack off to it ever chance I get since Sue will be busy sexually with him. I almost came again and did what they asked.

Then Jim said he was going to cum, Sue started screaming yes yes cum in me sweetie. I could see his balls tighten and he pulled her hard against his cock and started filling her with his cum.

After a few seconds he started fucking her slowly again and I could see his cum oozing out of her cunt around his cock. When he pulled his cock out a big drop of cum landed on my nose and ran into the corner of my eye. Jim got off and Sue knelt up over my face and started grinding her pussy over my mouth. She said there you go baby lick that up eat all of his cum from me. Jim said yea as long as you can't satisfy her with your cock you might as well be good for something.

Then while they were getting dressed they tied me up again and kept telling me they were going to leave me there so they would find me like this when they came to clean the room. They even left and I was still tied to the bed. My wife came back in after a few minutes and untied me. She told me she really loved doing that to me and thanked me for letting her have her fun. I acted a little upset but she put me in my place and reminded me of the picture which is attached to this email. - Dave


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