Sexy Wife with Limited Sexual Experience


Sexy Wife with Limited Sexual Experience - I am a psychologist in the Dallas area. As a doctor I would have to tell you that this is deviant sexual behavior. As a woman that lives this life style I would have to tell you it is the greatest. I have been married to the same man since high school. We married when I was 19. Up until I turned 32 (which is recent) he was the only man I had been with. After about 3 years things got a little stale and we started to watch porno movies. Well you know how they were no guys ever eat pussy and these women went crazy just sucking cock and getting pounded, yea right. I had been married long enough to know that fucking felt good but if you wnated to make a woman cum like crazy you better be eating her, cause a dick in the pussy just wasn't going to do it. Well he started talking about how wet I got watching the ones with big dicks and the ones 2 men doing 1 woman. So he started talking about getting another man to join us.

I did not know what to do so I started to talk to some of the girls I knew. Most of them told me real quick that he just wanted get some on the side. Then one of my "married" friends told me that if I had never cum on a cock I did not know what I was missing. She said if I wanted to try it she would set it up. Her "boyfriend" Charles, and my husband would think it was all his idea. So I ask my husband if he was sure and how would we find some one. He said we could start by going to a bar that Friday and see what happens. So I called my friend and she said just let her know which bar we were at and the trap was set.

That Friday we went out I was dressed in a low cut outfit showing some good cleavage. As soo as we arrived I excused myself to go to the ladies room and let her know where we were at. About 30 minutes later this guy walked in, kinda waved our way and went to the bar. Being as I had never done this I did not know what to do, was he expecting me to come to the bar or was he going to approach us? The band had started playing right before he got there and I had danced a couple of dances with my husband. After the second dance my husband went to the bar to get us another drink and while he was waiting the guy started to talk with him.

They had looked my way so I knew I was part of the conversation. When my husband got back I asked what they were talking about. He said the guy had told him that he had a pretty wife and was wondering if he could have a few dances with me, and he said he had to ask me first. I said I guess so. He waved at the guy and he came over and said his name was Charles and asked to dance. The first dance was just that, a dance and back to the table and Charles went back to the bar. In a little while Charles brought us over drinks and asked to dance again the first one was a fast dance followed by a slow one. Charles held me close and whispered in my ear and asked me if I was sure I wanted to do this. When I said yes, he said be sure what I wanted cause I might never want things the way they were before again. I just laughed and said you sure are sure of yourself.

Charles said right now your husband thinks it would be cool to watch you get fucked but, before the night is over your pussy will belong to me and men like me, and you will do anything I ask to get my cock inside you. I just laughed and said, yea right. We went back to the table and drink and talked a little more then Charles asked to dance again. While we were dancing Charles asked me if I had thought about what he had said and was I sure I wanted to go through with it. I was so hot all I could think about was my husband watching me so I said sure. Charles said when we return to the table go to the ladies room. I did as he said when I returned Charles got up and went to the mens room, as soon as Charles was gone my husband said he might be the one we needed.

He said Charles appoligized and said he had to leave because I turned him on and he did not want to do anything embarrassing. Jake said he asked Charles to have one more drink first. Jake said when Charles got back he would go to the mens room and if I wanted to do this ask Charles if he would like to go some place more private with us. So when Charles got back Jake left. I told him I guess it is time to go have some fun now. Charles said remember what I said earlier this will be your last chance to back out and wanted to know if I was sure. Well I did not answer. As soon as Jake got back I said it looks like we are ready to leave and asked Charles if he was going with us. Charles said sure he never thought he would meet a couple like us.

We went to a small hotel down the road and once in the room Charles asked Jake if he was sure he really wanted this, cause he was going to fuck me like I had never been fucked before. Jake just shook his head yes. Then Charles said this can be like pandoras box once the lid is open it my never go back the way it was before and asked again are you sure. Again Jake just shook his head yes. Charles then asked me if it was OK to kiss me and I said sure. We started making out for a while then Charles stopped and told me to strip for him and my husband. I slowly stripped for them giving them a show. Jake was smilling from ear to ear. After I was finished Charles told me to go strip my husband. I went to Jake and kissed him as I stripped him. Once he was naked I went to Charles to strip him and he said not just yet.

Charles said he wanted to tie Jake in the chair so he could not touch himself till he was finished with me. Jake protested but I whined a please and he sat in the chair. Charles used my stockings to tie Jake to the chair then Charles told Jake he was about to use his cock to make me his fuck slut and soon I would do what ever he said just to have his cock. Charles then told Jake this was his last chance to be very sure what he wanted. Charles then told me to ask Jake if he wanted to his wife get fucked. Jake said yes he did. Charles then stuck my panties in Jake's mouth and tied them in place. Charles then turned his back to Jake and told me to strip him.

When I got to Charles's boxers I almost had a heart attack. He was still soft and much bigger than Jake's 5 inch dick and thicker also. He grabbed my head and said on your knees and suck. As I sunk to my knees I thought this wasn't the same man I danced with, this guy was vulgur and crude. As I started to suck his cock it started to grow even bigger as he got hard. Charles told me to look in his eyes as I sucked. Charles asked if I knew why a woman sucks cock? I shook my head no. Charles said a woman sucks to please the man, her pleasure comes from the knowledge that she is giving him the greatest pleasure she has to offer him and he started pushing me deeper on his cock. As I gagged, Charles said before the night is up you will suck cock with true desire.

Charles pulled his cock from my mouth and suddenly I was scared he wasn't big ... he was huge. Charles then turned toward Jake and said see this cock it's 8 inches long and its going to fuck all the way to your wifes soul. Charles told me to get on the bed. I handed him the condom and he started to put it down, so I told him no condom no fuck. Charles put the condom on and said for now and climbed between my legs. I thought to myself his cock is 8 inches long and as thick as a beer bottle, how could I ever handle this. Then I felt the head pushing aginst my opening. It slowly started to stretch me open and began to hurt. Then he pulled back and started to push again, this time a little more went in and he pulled back again, then he pushed again and I felt a little pain as the head slipped all the way in. He pulled out again and then pushed in harder this time and as the head stretched me open I started to cum.

OH GOD I never felt like this before I was moaning and screaming and he started to fuck more and more into me. As soon as one orgasm ended another one started. Charles was fucking me slowly with about half of his cock then he looked at Jake and said I warned you about what you wished for, and with that he shoved all his cock in me to the balls and started to fuck hard and fast. Then it was like there was another woman there, one from the movies and she was screaming, fuck me, fuck me, oh god just keep fucking me. Then it happened ... I came, no cumming does not explain it. It was like my whole body exploded. I felt like I was blacking out and he pulled out of me and pulled the condom off. Charles then said show your husband how you suck now and I dove for his cock sucking like the girls in the movies, like it was the last cock I would ever see. I was obsessed, I wanted his cock, I needed his cock and I wanted to be the best cocksucker he had. Charles looked at Jake and said I told you she would be my slut and would do what ever I said. Charles said it's time to finish this fucking and pushed me on my back.

I reached for a condom and Charles said not this time I am going to finish this fucking I told you. I said but I am not on the pill. He crawled between my legs and and rubbed the head against the opening and said if you want it you get it like this. I said yes I want it. Charles continued to rub the opening and then told me to look at my husband and to beg for his cock. I looked at my husband and could see the pleading in his eyes as he shook his head no. And that other woman was back again I could hear her beg "please fuck me with that big cock, I need your cock in me, please fuck me". Then I heard Charles without a condom? I was staring in my husbands eyes and begged yes fuck me with out a condom, fuck me with your big bare cock, and with that he shoved half that pole in me on the first thrust and was soon balls deep and pounding me good and I was cumming like crazy.

Charles just kept fucking and fucking and I could feel the big one building again. Then I heard Charles say if you want my cum beg for it. And beg I did. I looked my husband in the eyes and begged please cum in me, cream my pussy, please cream my pussy. Charles drove his cock in as deep as it would go and began to cum and the big one took me and I came like never before. After a few minutes Charles kissed me and got up went over to Jake and let him loose. He brought Jake to the bed he then handed Jake a regular size condom and told him to put it on that it was his turn. Jake looked at Charles and said she is my wife I don't need one. Charles told Jake she might be your wife but that pussy is now mine put it on. I don't know what happened but I suddenly snapped at Jake if you want any of this pussy you better put it on and he did.

As Jake began to fuck I could barely feel him I was so loose. He only lasted a few seconds till he filled the condom. Charles had got dressed and was getting ready to leave, he turned to Jake and handed him a piece of paper and pen and told Jake to write our phone number and address on it. Jake looked at him and said he had to be crazy. I yanked the paper and pen from Jake and wrote our phone number and address on it. Charles kissed me and said I will be over Tuesday for some more and by the way don't even think about sucking your husbands dick again. Thats for real men and left.

Now I have complete control of Jake and his sex life. He is only allowed to cum four times a year, now I did not say fuck me I said cum. I have three full time lovers right now that are all well endowed. He gets to watch me cum all over their cocks. He must eat me to satisfaction every day. This is when I "make love" to my husband as I "fuck" his face. A man like Jake lives for pleasing their wife. Like I said, as a doctor I can't recommend this lifestyle but as a woman I highly highly recommend that all wives do this. - Cindy


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