Found My Wife's Soiled Panties


Found My Wife's Soiled Panties - I'm not much of a lover (yeah, yeah; small penis, a little overweight) and my wife lost interest in sex with me years ago. We still do it occassionally, 4-6 times a year, but she never seems to get off and that makes it harder for me to enjoy it as well. Once I even caught her flipping through a magazine off to the side as I humped her.

But about 4 months ago I discovered that she has simply turned to another source for her sex. I was doing the laundry (I try to do as many household chores as I can) and I came across a very sexy pair of panties. I didn't recognize them, and didn't remember any recent occassion on which she might have worn them. I pulled them out and immediately noticed that the crotch was crusted. At first i assumed she might have masturbated in them, which got me excited, and brought them to my nose to capture that scent I so rarely get any more. Surprise! This was sperm!

I stared at them for several seconds in disbelief, telling myself it couldn't be true. Then I tried making myself mad. "That bitch," I thought, "she's having an affair!" But I surprised myself by bringing the panties back to my own face. I inhaled deeply and almost swooned.

You know what happened next: I cautiously stuck my tongue out and sampled the crusted semen. It was narcotic. The idea of eating sperm out of my wife's panties made me harder than I had been in months, and I quickly pulled my thin dick from my pants and masturbated. I ejaculated in no time, squirting clear streams all over the front of the clothes dryer!

I never told her of my discovery, but have since spent many evenings going through the hamper. And I have learned something very interesting. She has a "book club" with some girlfriends that must involve a lover. Twice, when she got home from book club, a sexy pair of panties appeared in the hamper. And both times they were the most fragrent thing I have ever smelled. I have developed a fetish.

I love smelling and licking her cum-stained panties. I fantasize about sometime licking her cum-filled pussy, but have not yet figured out how to go about this. I'm afraid that if i confront her she will simply leave me, which I can't handle for a number of reasons.

Part 2

Last night she was out with her Pilates friends (or so she told me) and got home pretty late. After she left for work this morning I went to the hamper expecting to get a pair of sweaty panties for sniffing and I found these!

A pair of white lace thong panties with a crotch full of sperm! I was in heaven.

I pulled them out from under the other clothes she shoved in there and couldn't believe my eyes-- yellowish gray stains in the crotch that could only mean one thing. I sniffed deeply and loved it! Still damp, and smelling of her sweaty and overworked pussy.

I took them back into the bedroom and put them on a chair as if she were sitting there in front of me and promptly began to munch on them. At first they were crusty and stiff, but my saliva quickly softened the fabric and the true taste bloomed in my mouth.

I tongued and licked the lacey nylon as I pulled my stiff little cock out and promptly jerked it straight. I imagined her lover's cock buried in her snug pussy and the beautiful sight of his sperm leaking out around the tight seal of her cunt.

In no time I was ready to shoot, and I imagined getting to stick it into her sloppy hole so I stood up and aimed for the tiny crotch. I unloaded three pale jets of cum into a little puddle right in the middle.

Now I have them tucked away for safe keeping (though I better put them back before she looks for them). I'll get a few more masturbation sessions out of these!

Part 3

I'm fucked.

She caught me. I had those delicious panties spread out on the edge of the bed on Sunday while she was out shopping. I had my tongue busy in the crotch (almost clean by now) and had my weiner pinched tight between my finger and thumb and was happily jerking myself off when she walked in.

I never even heard her walk in-- the first I heard was her saying "What the fuck are you doing?!"

I almost choked on the panties. I just stood there (kneeled, actually) and stared at her as I felt my face grow hot. "What the fuck are you doing?" she repeated.

I couldn't even speak.

"Are you licking my panties?"

Silence. She looked from me to the panties and back to me and just stared at me for almost a minute.

"Do you know what is in those panties?"

"Yes," I managed to say.

"And you like that?"

Long silence.

"Yes," I whispered.

"You disgust me."

She turned and walked out.

I spent the rest of the afternoon fretting over what I had done. Late in the evening she returned and told me that I was not welcome in her bed last night - I had to sleep on the couch in the basement. She spent a great deal of time on the phone last night but I don't know who she was talking with. She left early this AM for work, and I really don't know what to expect.

She confronted me at night. She wanted to know why I liked eating the semen out of her panties - she was concerned I was gay. I assured her I am not - it is her I love.

I told her that the mixture of semen and her own cream in her panties is just a very physical expression of her pleasure: that she has been fucked and that she has had a good time. It gives me pleasure to think that she was so excited she could cum, and that she was able to satisfy a man with real lust for her.

She wanted to know why it didn't bother me that another man had been inside of her. I told her that I know I haven't been able to do very much for her in bed, but that I want her to feel satisfied with her sex life. I recognize that a beautiful 37-year-old woman has needs, and I would rather she took care of them outside of our marriage than simply be unhappy.

She thought about this for a long time.

"You're not a bad lover," she finally said. "It's just that you're... little. I like it when you eat me, but sometimes a girl needs to get filled up, you know?"

I nodded.

"Let me see your cock." she said.

I pulled it out.

"Make it hard for me."

I pulled on it a few times and sure enough, I started to stiffen up. I need to use my fingers to masturbate because my hand is wider than my cock is long, so I grab it like you would a pencil. I stroked it up and down and soon it was hard as a bic pen in my fingers.

She smiled at it and shook her head slightly. Then she stood up and took off her panties and tossed them to me. "Do what you were doing the other day. Lick these and beat off for me."

I spread her plain cotton panties on the front edge of a chair and knealt down. I pulled my pants down to my ankles and brought my mouth to the crotch of her panties.

I was very uncomfortable. I've never masturbated in front of someone before, and I knew she was staring at my thin penis. But somehow the aroma of her cunt got me over my discomfort. I started sniffing and licking and tugging on my cock and before you know it I was humping my hips back and forth as I pretended to fuck my fingers.

When I felt myself getting close to cumming I looked up at her with a worried look. Would she let me shoot on her panties? She must have known what I was thinking.

"Go ahead, cum on them. You know you want to." She was starting to play with her cunt as she watched me.

I went back to work on her panties with gusto - licking and sniffing like crazy as I yanked my stiff cock. I heard her own breath grow raspy as I worked the wet cotton. When I was unable to hold back any longer I quickly stood up and aimed the tip of my penis into the damp crotch. She spread her own legs wide as she watched me and I saw her head tip back in pleasure.

I unloaded in pale streams all over her panties. My cum is watery, but I drenched them with 3 or 4 strong squirts before I dried up. I heard her mutter "Yessssss" as I did, and I knew she had made herself orgasm watching me.

I stood there trembling, my softening prick in my hand. She looked up at me with a smile on her lips-- the warmest and friendliest one I have seen in a very long time.

"I should make you eat that up, but I have a better idea right now," she told me. She got up and took the panties from the chair, then, holding her eyes on mine, she stepped into them. She slid the sticky, wet mess up her legs and right into her crotch.

I stared at them as they slipped into place - the dark stain of my own cum outlining the lips of her cunt.

"Alright, honey, I forgive you for being a pervert," she said. "I think we can make this a lot of fun."

It was probably the best I have ever made her feel sexually.

This blog is very helpful for me. I've been very insecure about the size of my penis and my wife's dissatisfaction for a long time, and I have felt ashamed of my desire to see her with another man. Here I have discovered that I am not alone.

And neither is my wife! I have sext you 2 pictures of her from behind. I don't think she'd want me to post her face online as this is a risk as it is. But at least you can all see WHY she needs to be fucked and what her ass looks like so you can imagine fucking her. - Pete


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