Confessions of a Cheating Girlfriend


Confessions of a Cheating Girlfriend - I have a very sexy 27 y/o GF. I introduced her to her first threesome with me and a friend 2 years ago. Although he was pretty bad in bed he was hung BIG n THICK, this was her first taste of a big one. She has not been the same since. She has only been with two other men, a few times each since then but not for a threesome it was cuckolding me.

I guess you could say it is my fault because she often reminds me by saying "if you had a real mans dick I wouldn't need to fuck other men". My entire sexual outlook has changed. I used to be on the Dom side and would be very aggressive but now am more into "making love" to her and giving her a long slow cum. After seeing the way these guys make her react I know I can't compare to the way they fuck her with a big dick so I don't even care to try. She sometimes makes me fuck her hard and deep but she just does not react the same as she does with them, she will look at me and tell me to stop and go get her a vibrator. We have a big thick life like strap on she bought for me to fuck her with so she makes me put that on and fuck her like a real man or simply tells me she is done.

I can't seem to cum without thinking of her with a big dick or by her verbally humiliating me for having a dick not even 6 inches and on the thin side. I never thought I would stand for that but here I am getting hard at the thought of her calling me "tiny, little dick, pathetic little dick, she even calls me an asshole because I have a small dick". All of this turns me on and it is turning her on more and more. Of course she didn't understand at first but did it because she loves me.

Now she is loving the thought of belittling me because of my dick size and also says I am crazy for letting another man fuck her. Sometimes I think I am crazy for it too but the times it turns me on by far out weighs those negative thoughts. My only wish like all cucks is that she would do it more often, find someone she wants to fuck often. I told her I am even open to her going out on her own or even finding a guy and making him think she is cheating on me while I am at home going crazy wondering what she is doing.

She tells me to be careful for what I wish for because she says "if the right guy comes along you may regret it". She says she doesn't look for it (I wish she would) but if it comes along she just might do it. Okay I think that is enough for now, it felt good to get this off my chest and out there to others who share this interest. In the future I will write about experiences but for now I am sending you one of the only pictures I have of her fucking someone else.

Thanks for reading!



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