Real Wife Cuckolded by Man and Woman

Real Wife

Real Wife Cuckolded by Man and Woman - I had to figure out what I had just done to my husband and looking around on the internet has led me to believe it was cuckolding. Let me explain:

I was out on a girls night out and I was the only married girl, anyway during the night I was chatted up by a young attractive girl and she was very attentive getting me drinks all night. I thoughht it odd but went with it. At around 2.30am she suggested that the two of us leave and go to a quieter club. As I had had a few too many drinks (supplied by her) I did not realize that it was late and that my husband was probably waiting for me. Well, the new bar lighting was dim and the couches comfortable and I had not realised that she had bought me more drinks although I was picking up her vibe pretty fast.

She was a very smooth talker, as she talked she would stroke my leg, before I knew it we were kissing, my first time...well she actually talked me into going home with her, at the back of my mind I was thinking about my husband who would have been in bed waiting for me to come home, it was getting towards 4 in the morning and I was buzzing from all the drinks so I thought, why not. When we got to her place she told me to unddress and that her husband would be in the room shortly. Huh? But things went so fast and she could not keep her hands off me, we were naked in her bed fucking each other with our tongues and fingers not knowing that her husband was already in the room watching the whole thing and stroking his penis. After I had cum she made me lay down and she sat on my face facing my feet, I proceeded to tongue fuck her in the cunt and arse, well when she came she covered me in it, it squirted all over my tits and stomach and I had never seen a girl do that before.

Then she moved over and told me her husband was going to fuck me right there. I was laying on the bed with my legs wide and she was holding them open. I wasn't too sure but she looked at me and asked me if I wanted him. The truth was I wanted him bad and needed a cock in me but was confused. She asked again and I nodded and told me to ask him to fuck me. I looked at him and did so. She told me to do it again but beg and I did and then suddenly he was on top of me pounding away. God it was fabulous. He must have been in me for half and hour giving me multiple orgasms until he finished inside me. Then he left the room and the girl came closer to me.

We kissed and I then realised the time 7.00am. I had to get home, the ever obliging (I wonder why) girl then drove me home and left me at my front door, very messed up, stinking of sex and booze. I snuck in hoping not to wake hubby but he had heard the car and was waiting for me...

“Hi honey” I said lamely as I walked into our bedroom, “do you know what fucking time it is?” he said, I offered a lame excuse about going back to one of the girls house and told him that I was soo tired.

My first fatal mistake was not having a shower before getting into bed with him, mind you that may have looked suspicious. As I cuddled up to the third person in the last 4 hours I suddenly realized my second mistake, my husband could smell me, I reeked of her cum on my face, my tits and stomach, and my cum in and around my wet cunt mixed with his. I could feel his breath on me as his fingers traced across my tits, then I heard him say “where the fuck have you been”, I acted innocent but he then knew that I had cheated on him. I decided to tell him all of what happened, as I told him I could feel his cock against me, rock hard, this was exciting him. I then realized my cheating turned him on.

“Stroke my cock for me” he told me, I started jerking his hot cock as I continued the nights adventure. When I told him how she had made me lie there and sat on my face, he climbed on top of me and his cock slid straight into my wet cunt.

He started to fuck me as I told him how I put my dirty tongue into her cute arse hole, how she reacted to my tongue fucking her arse, what happened next surprised me, he started to kiss me, pushing his tongue deep into my mouth it was as if he wanted to taste her on me. Tasting me from what I had done to her, he then started kissing my face and told me how he could taste her juices on me. To be honest this was making me wet, I had him fucking me as I relived the dirty fucking I had had just a couple of hours ago.

When I told him how she squirted her cum all over me he just started licking my nipples, and stomach, telling me how he could taste her all over my body. He started calling me his dirty cheating slut wife, out all night fucking some one else.

The combination of him calling me a “fucking slutty whore” and me telling him to “fuck his dirty little whore wife” with the smell of sex was so strong, he started to cum in my gaping wet cunt. I urged him to fuck my slutty cheating cunt harder, telling him to hurt me with his cock, he then cum deep inside me, mixing his with her and my juices. When then his cock slid out, and I really mean, fell out of my cunt, as I was so wet and gaping open, well, the load of cum seeped out of my swollen cunt and pooled down around my arse, he looked down at me and said, you dirty cheating whore, look at you laying there with your legs wide open covered in cum you look like a dirty slut. Then I told him of her husband .....

He hesitated for awhile and then wanted the details ... his cock getting some life back in it.

I was so fucking tired I didn't care what he said, he let me sleep but would not let me shower until he had fucked me two more times, each time sucking his cum off my cunt, each time as he called me a “cheating fucking whore who deserved to be fucked by any one he wanted”.

I enjoyed being talked down to as a punishment for cheating on him, but it is me that holds the upper hand now. I know and he knows that he is aroused by my cheating to the point where he tries to manipulate the situation so I will fuck some one else. - Amy


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