My Cheating Wife with a Black Guy

My Cheating Wife with a Black Guy

My Cheating Wife with a Black Guy - When I first found out my fiance was cheating on me I did not know how to handle of course I got drunk. A lot. Took off and went hunting. Got drunk. Finally went to a bar, got drunk and started talking to a couple, who where also drunk. As I told my story I realized what had happened wasn't as bad as I thought and with the help of my new friends, realized that I could deal with it. This is how it all began.

My fiance, Kathy and I had a long distance relationship. I met her in my home town through friends, but after 9 months of dating (after she graduated) moved out of state to live with her folks. For the next few years we talked a lot on the phone and got to know each other well. She soon found friends through work and started going out with a group, mostly guys with a couple of girl (buddies).

Kathy, like most blonde hair and blue eyed babes liked to drink and got very horny when drunk, to almost nympho levels (thats one of the things that got me stuck on her). We had great phone sex when she got home from a night out and she would tell me how her new friends always hit on her, especially Kermit. Eventually Kermit started pulling the "if he really loved you he would move out here" routine to start wearing her down. And when she told me she let him feel her up when he drove her home (after getting drunk) I got turned on, but a little mad at the same time. Knowing that nothing really happened (her dad had my back) made me feel that it was ok, this once. We talked the next day and she was apologetic and told me she would be more careful and not let it happen again.

And it didn't for about 2 months. He tried and she denied....good girl! Then there was the fateful night. A party at one of the girls houses. Kathy got drunk, got horny, got fucked. She told me about two weeks after it had happened and told me that she didn't remember much. I pushed her to tell me more because I was mad at her and I wanted her to feel as much pain as I could inflict over the phone. She told me she got wasted, passed out and woke up the next day with Kermits dick in her ass, with him just pounding away....I couldn't take it. She wasn't a vigin when I met her, but I was hoping to at least get her ass first. Nope a fucking frog got it!

I got drunk. Then met my new friends and realized that it wasn't really her fault. Once I got to that point, I realized that it made me a bit horny thinking she fucked some guy. I called her. I apologized. She apologized. I told her I know how she is and I know mistakes will happen. We came to a decision that we could try other people, but we had to tell each other what happened, so it would not be cheating. We had to tell each other before and after sort of as a deterant and as a way to decide if we could handle it and if we were right for each other. She agreed. I felt more in control. I felt better and my cock was hard so I could stroke it as she talked and I could go get laid if I wanted too. What could be better? Us two midwestern kids growing up (not knowing what a hotwife was or a cuckold was, just that one cheated on the other through a mistake and we found a way to get over it).

Kathy than said she had to tell me more about what happened. This is her story. She went to the party and of course started drinking. Kermit hit on her and she got mad, so she started flirting with, oh three or four other guys to piss Kermit off. She kept drinking, the guys kept feeding her drinks. She started dirty dancing with them, grinding into them, feeling their cocks harden and letting them open up her blouse and play with her bare tits. At one point she had three guys touching and grinding into her. Then she got too drunk, stumbled and fell. The girl who owned the place had the four guys she was playing with carry her to the attic (@#!$#$) where a mattress was laid out. Then the girl left. The guys did not.

Kathy was awake and knew what was happening. She helped. She pulled at cocks, while the guys pulled off the rest of her clothes. Buy the way Kathy is 5'4 " tall, 115 lbs with a b-size perky tits. Each of the guys fucked her pussy hard and she loved every barebacked inch they gave her. That is when she passed out. Kermit being the nice guy he was, found her naked after being the cum dump to his four friends and decided to wake her up by sliding his cock into her virgin ass. She woke up and fucked back until he unloaded his nut into her. She even kissed him goodbye......while I came over my hand listening to her tell me her story.

I couldn't be mad, could I? My cock never was harder, I busted my nut until it hurt........I took it for what it was. She got drunk and got fucked and I got off thinking about it.

12 years later, I still have not cheated on my wife. While we were engaged she had over 15 lovers. Before we got married she said her goodbuys and move back to my home state, found a new job and a few new fuck buddies at work. The pictures are from our favorite bull. After marriage and a year of a monogomous relationship and with the help of one of her former 9.5 inch boyfriends I now know what a hotwife is, then through more surfing what a cuckold is. Now my wife knows it too!!!!! I got lucky tonight......she saved some of her lover for me to lick clean. - Jed


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