How I started to Cuckold My Husband

How I started to Cuckold My Husband

How I started to Cuckold My Husband - It's only been less than a year that my husband wanted me to try sex with others and now our lives are so different! I resisted the idea for some time, but I reluctantly tried it at first once the last condition I put up was met.

When I tried reasoning a way out, I said I couldn't possibly go to one of those 'parties' until I'd lost ten pounds. Then after I got in good shape at the club, I said my 35 year old body needed some expensive clothes. So now after our 3 kids I got a new wardrobe that my husband just loves, 34 c-cups that do give me a lot of attention when I go shopping. I got so many pitches from other guys too that I relented and tried it, and by then my hubby was getting into the interracial thing. He brought home videos of huge and hung black studs with white women. I still would not go to those parties where everyone shows up in the nighties and underwear.

But then my husband Lloyd introduced me to a couple from the parties, Donna and Brian, real swingers, and Donna and I got along real well. It was kind of sneaky of Lloyd, but we met at a local pub, and there was dancing and I was wearing a daring dress that was low cut, and before I knew it, they were introducing me to Donna's lover, a really big strong black man, who had been standing at the bar with some friends. And when Donna and he got up to dance, and her hubby just smiled and she came back to the table with her lover, she said that her boyfriend's buddy wanted to dance with me.

Of course I looked at Lloyd, who just smiled, and I just nodded and smiled, giving him a look that let him know I knew it was all a big setup. So, I decided to take him up on it, and soon another big hunky young black man came over to the table, and I liked his smile and his huge body, and we danced a fast one. Then, we did a slow one, feeling his huge hands cupping my bottom with my big sensitive breasts against his chest, standing on my toes to put my chin over his broad shoulders, I forgot where I was, but after a couple of songs, we talked a bit. His name was Shawn, he was younger than I was, but he wanted to take me out for a date some time! He was very dom, quite forceful, and the next dance I could feel his huge log in his front against my belly, and I just let myself flatten against it, let him force meto him with his strong hands.

That night at home I mentioned to Lloyd he asked me out, and I was hoping he would say no, and also hoping he would say yes. I think he had mixed emotions too.

It was so hugely exciting to be wearing a sexy outfit and going on a date with someone other than my husband, especially a big hunky black man, and it was just so heavenly I forgot I was married, I think I even forgot my own name for a while. Well, we went out and he has become my boyfriend ever since. He is the one I am sitting on in the picture and sorry I can't show you more but he didn't want his face on any websites.

Today, I am getting ready for my Friday night date with Shawn in the bedroom, I smiled at how much I had changed. Now I had sore nipples, barely any panties (Shawn doesn't like them), a new wardrobe of the sluttiest clothes, no panties under my short skirt and a silver anklet that Lloyd bought me for my birthday, "4BLACKONLY" and a silver medallion around my neck that Shawn gave me for my birthday, "BLACK PROPERTY!" that I wore all the time now.

Lloyd was helping me primp up for my date, and seeing me like this always got him hot and grabby, poor thing! As he started by giving my breasts carresses, squeezing my nipples, nibbling at my bare shoulder, I had to stop him. I said that when I met Shawn that he was very dominant!

He's is very possessive, and I smiled to think how shocked I was that the couple I met him with Donna and Brian, how they considered her lover to be her master, and then his master too. But eventually first I and then, reluctantly, Lloyd as well, consider outselves the property of Shawn.

"No, honey," I said smiling at his fumbling with my breasts, trying to entice me, and I was already hot and ready, so anxious for my date and he knew that, "no dear, you know our black master could be here any minute, and you know how he hates to see you touching me!" He stopped, but he was just ready to burst. I was double dating with Donna tonight and we're getting a motel room, so I tried to make him feel better by saying that he has company, because Brian is no doubt in the same boat.

Yes, hearing the knock on the door I checked my appearance one last time and smiled at Lloyd's as well, I love to have him all turned on before my dates, and knowing he would still be when I returned, because he's changed as well, since both he and Brian wear chastity belts. Holding up the medallion around my neck with the tiny key on it, "now be a good boy and do the housework, dear!"

Making out with my lover with my husband peeking from the window, knowing how hard and stuff he was in his locked down condition, I wondered if I would let him masturbate this month after all! I'm off. Behave yourselves! - Wendy


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