I am Submissive now


I am Submissive now - My wife Kathy wrote the following email below about one of our nights out to one of her boyfriends.

Kathy wants him to knowingly cuckold me, not just fuck her when he gets the chance or tell her how to fuck me. His name is Matt and she has seen him before without me. I found this email on her computer to him and told her about it, about how it excites me. She smiled and told me to read it every night before bed like a ritual. The picture was taken by Matt with Kathy on him, in his reply email to her to stimulate and remind her. It was from their last date. I thought it would be hot to share it with other cuckold sympathizers:


I have a small problem that I can not get an answer out of my husband, I will do whatever you tell me to do! Here’s what happened……

Mike and I finally had a date the other night. He took me this place called the “Blue Cube”, kind of a swanky little night club and pool hall. Its got the mood lighting, dance floor and pool tables, plus a well stocked bar.

We dressed up for the occasion as we had reservation at a nice restaurant for a late dinner. I wore a soft blue summer dress (no bra) and Victoria secret lacy panties. Mike was dressed in a shirt and tie. We got to the club around 7:30, and started to drink. We sat and talked while waiting for a pool table to open up. About 8:00, a table opened up, and after having two or three drinks, I wasn’t a bit self conscious when leaning over the table to make a shot…..did I mention that my dress was pretty short, Mike told me later that every time I leaned over the table my lace covered cheeks were rather exposed for the viewing pleasure of the guys behind us.

We had the table for about 45 minutes and then had to play two guys for the honors. We lost. Mike got us a couple more drinks and we went back to a secluded table to occupy. I asked Mike if he wanted to dance and he said he did, but had to go to the restroom first…..he shouldn’t have left.

As soon as Mike left, this guy came up and sat down next to me. He offered me a drink, and since I was empty, I accepted. We talked and he introduced himself as Kevin. He was a little taller than Mike, maybe 5’10” and was in pretty good shape….plus he had a smooth manner about him that was very appealing. We talked for a little while, but then told him that I was waiting for my husband to get back to dance. He suggested that we dance while I waited. I was going to decline, but he said it was the least I could do since he bought me a drink and kept me company for a bit….I (slightly buzzed) accepted.

This is what my husband saw as he came back to the table, was me getting up with Kevin and head to the dance floor. Kevin was a good dancer, and the music a bluesy/jazz was perfect for couple dancing. Kevin lead me through some good moves, and two songs later was pressed pretty tight against me. My ass was covered by his hands, my nipples were hard and poking through my dress, and I couldn’t help grinding my self against his hard leg. We danced for about two more songs and I was getting a little sweaty and definitely horny. Kevin was as well, as his hands roamed all over, and when they covered my breast on the last dance, a little moan escaped my lips as his fingers found my nipple and his hardened cock pressed through his pants against me. As the song ended, he gave my parted lips a light kiss, his tongue briefly slipping in. Before I could protest, he lead me back to the table.

When I got back, Kevin and I had fresh drinks waiting. Under my glass was a note from Mike that read “playing pool, enjoy”. Kevin and I talked a bit more, his hand never left my thigh, stroking my inner leg and occasionally briefly touching me THERE ever so lightly. I was so wet and he knew it. I felt that I should not be the only one hurting and reached down to brush his package, oh he was so hard. He asked about my husband, and I told him he was playing pool. As we finished our drink and he asked me to dance again. I said that I would love too. As I got up, Kevin reached up and grabbed my panties and slid them down to my knees. I sat back down and asked him what he was thinking! Kevin said he thought I would be more comfortable with out them, and continued to take them off….and I let him. He folded them up and put them on the table, then got up and took me to the dance floor. This time, he did not just tease me, but openly kissed me and felt me up…everywhere. Knowing my husband was there, he reached under my dress and caressed my bare ass while his hard cock pressed through his pants right against my clit. Making out with my husband watching, I almost came, and when my knees started shaking, he led me out of the bar to his car. He leaned me against the side, spread my legs with his foot, kissed me hard as he worked two of his fingers into me. It took him about two minutes to make me cum, hard.

Still making out, his hands moved to my breasts and nipples, while my right hand worked his zipper, I reached in and stroked him a bit. He was so hard and wet I had trouble pulling it out. I got him out and wanted to fuck him, but I stopped myself and told him I would stroke him off, it took about 5 more minutes but I got him to cum, some of it hitting my thigh.

Kevin gave me his number, told me he knew I was married, but that it did not matter to him, that he wanted to make me his. He told me to call him when I was ready to hold back my pussy from my husband and give it to him for a while. Matt he wants me to cuckold my husband, should I let him?

By the way, I caught my husband sniffing my panties when I went back into the bar, we had another drink while I told him what happened, I even took his hand brought it to my pussy to show him how wet I was, then took his fingers and slid it through Kevin’s cum. It didn’t take us long to decide to skip out of our dinner reservations and fucked like bunnies in the back seat of the car……

So tell me Matt what I should do? I always had hoped to cuckold my husband with you (and I think he has too). If you tell me to call Kevin, it will almost be the same-I would do it for you! Or you can come out here and show my husband what a real cock looks like and what a real man can do with it!!

PS He is more than ready to do anything you want and anything I tell him to do!



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