Cuckold Bull Took My Wife's Pussy

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Cuckold Bull Took My Wife's Pussy - I officially became a cuck on Tuesday 15th November 2007, and it was my own fault. Like many guys, I fantasised about my wife screwing other guys and pestered her about it, knowing she would never really do it. Little did I know.

On the night in question we had a birthday party to go to in Ayrshire (my wife's best friend). When we were getting ready, my wife kept flashing her freshly shaved pussy at me but wouldn't let me near it. She would squeeze my hard cock until I thought it would burst, all the time talking dirty, then when I started dripping pre-cum she licked it off and kissed me full on the mouth with her tongue meeting mine and told me that was just a taste of things to come then she sat on the edge of the bed with her legs wide open and pushed three fingers deep into her pussy, I could hear it squelch and then saw it drip but then she suddenly stopped and said we better get going.

My cock was solid all the way as I drove from Glasgow to Ayrshire thinking about the taste of things to come. Whatever that meant.

When we arrived I could finally adjust my cock before going into the party.

We met my wife's friend Christine at the door and soon we were mixing with the other 20 or so guests, I wasn't drinking because I was driving but after about an hour I relented and had a beer, two would be my maximum I thought. The party was going fine with everybody enjoying themselves when I felt dizzy and ill. Christine suggested I lay down for a while, showed me to her room and said to come down when I felt better, two minutes later I was out for the count.

Four hours later Christine shook me awake, I still felt light-headed but I did feel her hand on my crotch, then she started rubbing and my cock responded automatically. She said at least part of you feels ok and then she unzipped me and took me in her mouth working her tongue around the head. Then just like my wife she stopped and kissed me on the mouth so that I could taste my pre-cum. She zipped me up and said we better go down stairs.

There was eight people left when we came down, dancing slow with the lights down low. Christine and I sat on a couch and then I noticed her brother Steven dancing with my wife and his hands all over her arse.

Just as I was about to say something Christine started unzipping me telling me to calm down. I started to panic because my wife was just six feet away but she turned to me and said it's alright, just let it happen. She was in control of everything!

Christine had my cock out stroking it and then she whispered in my ear that Steven has always wanted to screw my wife and that he was going to do it tonight whether I was ready for it or not and that I might as well enjoy her stroking my cock while I watched. I was dumbstruck and Christine started sucking on me just as Steven started pulling up my wife's short skirt to expose her bare arse.

The other guests were also getting undressed now but all I could think was that this was a dream until Christine whispered that Steven took my wife's panties off and had sucked her bald pussy half an hour before I came back downstairs.

My wife then turned to me, spreading her legs and her pussy lips and told me that Steven was going to fuck her right in front of me and there was nothing I could do about it so I better enjoy it as she certainly would. As my wife started taking Steven's trousers down, Christine said that Steven had quite a big cock, bigger than mine anyway, which was rapidly deflating, and she was right it was about 9inches long and quite fat looking.

Just before my kneeling wife took his cock in her mouth she turned to me and said I had the smallest cock here at which I looked around the room and saw another three hard cocks all being stroked by semi-naked women, my own cock which was about 7 inches when hard had almost disappeared through shame. Then the most amazing thing happened, as soon as my wife's tongue touched the head of Steven's dick, my cock stood up proud and erect.

Christine complimented it but told me I wasn't to touch it then she started to get undressed. She had quite small tits with big hard pink nipples and a smooth pussy as well, that she started rubbing while watching my wife suck her brother's cock. My wife was going to town on Steven's cock and balls as her big tits swung free. My head was just about clear and ten minutes later Christine told Steven to cum in my wife's mouth as he could fuck her soon enough, and in another two minutes my wife was taking a load of cum in her mouth and over her face.

With the cum dripping from her chin she stood up and came over to me and kissed me on the mouth forcing her tongue and the cum inside. Christine was scooping cum from my wife's face and putting it in my mouth when my cock exploded, gushing cum everywhere. As I sat there exhausted with my eyes closed my wife and Christine started teasing me, calling me names like cum junkie they told Steven to come over and the next thing I know his cock is brushing my lips. As I tried to get up my wife grabbed my soft cock and told me to stay where I was and helped Steven's cock into my mouth while telling me to suck it clean. I don't know why but my mouth and tongue started working on their own and his cock started growing which drew applause from everybody who where now standing round us.

When Steven's cock was clean and erect my wife said it was only fair that I do the others, at which point another cock was put to my lips and into my mouth but this one hadn't cum already and soon shot a load in my mouth, then Christine noticed that my cock had sprung to life again. I knew I wasn't gay but here I was with one cock after another shooting in my mouth and enjoying it. After everybody had cum in my mouth, they started to pair off again and I ran upstairs full of shame.

The door opened as soon as I had closed it and my wife and Christine came in and tried to comfort me, apologizing for spiking my drink and getting me to suck cock even though I seemed to enjoy it. I was angry but that disappeared when Christine knelt down and started sucking my cock as my wife spoke to me in a soothing voice, telling me they set it up because I had always wanted to see her with someone else.

Then the door opened again and Steven came in and my wife said he was still going to fuck her and they would be downstairs if I wanted to watch, then she took his cock in her hand and led him downstairs. Five minutes later I came in Christine's mouth and after she had transferred it to my mouth we went downstairs and watched my wife get royally fucked. I knew then things would never be the same, and how right I was. I have sent you all a picture of her the day after. It is a view of her pussy, the same one that Steven had all last night and one my wife still flaunts in front of me when she reminds me that Steven had that all to himself. - Roger


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